Friday, December 27, 2013

Sick baby, Christmas, and 23 months

It's been a very busy week! This is Ruby's 23 month photo which I took at my parents' house the day after Christmas. I can't believe it's only one month until her 2nd birthday. She's so fun. It's always exciting to hear what she has to say. She can count to 10 really well, and the letters she knows are "a, b, c, d, r, u, y, x." But she only knows how to say them, and doesn't recognize them yet. She can sing most of Jesus Loves Me and several other songs. This morning she was feeding my mom's cat and said, "Come ewe, Midnight." She really knows what's going on and is very concerned with whose is whose. She always tells us whose plate belongs to whom, chair, spot on the couch, water, etc.
She loves doing puzzles and is really good at them. 
 Shopping for some fabric for a pillow case.
 On Friday night Ruby woke up throwing up, and then threw up every 1.5-2 hours the rest of the night, so 4 times total. It was so sad. The last time I went in there, she said, "Oh no" before she threw up. :( But she got through it, and this is her eating breakfast on Saturday. She felt fine aside from a little cold after that. Andy and I would both get up, and he would change the sheets, then rock her, and I would change her jambes, then start another load of laundry. We were pretty tired on Saturday, but thankfully we didn't have anything planned.
 Opening an early Christmas present.
 All dressed up for church on the Sunday before Christmas.
 Ruby with Daddy at church.
 We were practicing our baby wearing. So sweet.
 Silly girl.
 She loves pulling her rocking chair up to the Christmas tree and looking at the ornaments.
 She climbed up all by herself...
 Daddy said, "Sit up straight," so she did.
 Playing "asleep, awake."
 Watching the trash truck at the church.
 Trying to diaper her dollies.
 Playing with her friends Karley and Penny at our traditional Christmas Eve brunch.
 Napping on the way to my parents' house.
 Doing the advent with Uncle Randy.
 Christmas Eve service. She went up for the Children's Moment with Grandma.
 Daddy reading the Christmas story on Christmas morning.
 Cuddling with Grandpa.
 Opening her first gift. It was a wooden duck made by my dad.
 She loves her new doll stroller!
 Christmas breakfast at my sister's house in Medford.
 Ruby with her stocking.
 The morning's festivities wore her out! (And me too.)
 Playing with Fiona (one of my sister's day care kids). 
 This morning at my parents' house. She was being silly.
 We finally made it home today! Here's Ruby helping us make Frittata in my new Le Creuset skillet.
Playing hide-and-seek in Daddy's new office.

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  1. Fun to share Christmas week with you!! It was a lot of fun and I really enjoyed the things Ruby would say. She's quite the communicator! Thanks for coming down. Is Ruby wearing the little white coat I made for you? Love you!


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