Thursday, December 19, 2013

In the news

Ruby and I made it in the Stayton Mail this week at Story Time! Her picture was on the web version (here), and they talked about us and quoted me on the web and in the real paper. Too fun. Andy went out last night and bought a copy for us to keep. The library lady (Casle) thinks Ruby is "the perfect child." She's not perfect, but she is pretty great and very well behaved, for the most part.
It's been a good week. We've been keeping very busy. On Saturday we went up to Portland and dropped Ruby off with Grandma and Grandpa so we could see the Hobbit. Other things this week were some shopping, Mops, things at the library, and having a friend over today.
Ruby has been sleeping completely through the night consistently! It's so nice to have that happening. And we successfully cut out the nap time nursing on Sunday, so we're just down to bed time. I think we'll cut that out after Christmas and then be done. I'm happy/sad about it at the same time.
 Boot shopping at the mall with a toddler is not so easy. This is Ruby's aftermath.
 We ate lunch at Bridgeport Village on Saturday. This is Ruby watching a puppet show.
 Sunday night we got all dressed up for the high school Black Tie Christmas party. We just went to a little bit of it. A lot of the high schoolers wore a tie (even girls), because I don't think they really knew what Black Tie means. So funny.
 Squishy cheeks.
 Ruby found a new way to play the piano. She likes when I play Jingle Bells and tries to play it herself.
 Andy took Ruby to Motion Monday at the library while I went grocery shopping and returned the boots that I ended up not liking from Friday's shopping trip. She had lots of fun with her friends.
 Ruby got into the game cupboard. This is after we cleaned up a bunch of cards already.
 We went to visit people at Norpac on Tuesday. Ruby loves Barbara and Amy the best. And she got to ride on this lamb.
 Training for her future receptionist job.
 Then we went to visit Daddy who was painting his new office at church and I captured this precious moment. I love these two so much.
Ruby was playing with her crayons and colored a little bit on the dish washer. Then she immediately said, "no" and tried to wipe it off with her finger. So funny. So I had her help me wipe it off with the rag. I'm glad she knows that's not okay to do.

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  1. I had to laugh at Ruby standing on her scooter with her boots on playing the piano!! Also loved her getting into the card closet - now you got your just dues!! I so remember you doing that, Jill! Love you!


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