Sunday, December 8, 2013

18 Weeks

Here we are at 18 weeks! Almost half way there. Ruby wanted to be in my picture tonight. :) The baby's about 5 1/2 inches long already. I've been feeling lots of little movements a few times a day. So fun. That's my favorite for sure.
I packed away all of my non maternity shirts this week. They're too short on my belly now. I can still wear all of my pants with my belly band, but some days I wear my maternity jeans. My winter coat is getting snug, so soon I'll have to transition to my maternity coats. It's been really really cold this week (9 degrees last night!) and it snowed on Friday! It's lovely outside. On the down side of that, my skin has been so dry because of the dry weather! My hands are cracked and bleeding in spite of putting lotion on several times a day and drinking more water. Hopefully we'll get our nice wet weather back soon.

Changes this week: My right hip has started going numb again like last time. :( Mostly when I sit for a while. It's horrible. I've also started getting a few little leg cramps at night, but nothing bad yet. Last time I put some soap under my bottom sheet and they stopped... It might have been a placebo thing, but it worked! I might have to try that again if they get worse.

Cravings this week: Home made hot chocolate, which Andy made for me tonight. It was delicious!

Link to Ruby's 18 week post.

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