Thursday, December 12, 2013


 It snowed on Friday morning! We had fun watching it come down out the window. And then it stated all week. We still have some on the ground, but it's been drizzling today so it's been turning into slush and water. Our big adventure was that the pipe in our utility room burst a few days ago. I woke up from my nap and found it gushing out of the wall and two inches of water on the floor. I got it turned off and Andy came home to help clean it up. So we were without a washer for a few days, but thankfully it got fixed today and now I have a huge pile of laundry to fold. :) At least it's clean. Poor Andy was out of socks.
Ruby's really been loving to color lately. She constantly looks at me, nodding, and says "coyer." So we color a lot of pictures. She likes for me to trace her hand and mine, and to draw all kinds of things like a big moon, trees, animals, etc.
 It's coming down!
 We put our coats and boots on and went for a little walk. It was so quiet and peaceful out there when it was coming down. I love that.
 We measured... 2 1/2 inches in just a few hours!
 Cuddling inside where it was warm.
 She packed up a bunch of sweaters and said she was going to Grandma's house.
 Helping Mommy wrap presents.
 Playing baby with Daddy.
 Cute little girl foot prints.
 We made snow flakes to put in the window.
 She just loves her baths. She has a shark towel, so every time after the bath we sing "baby shark."
 She also loves pretending to go night night in Mommy and Daddy's bed.
 Wearing Daddy's sweatshirt.
 We watched You're a Good Man Charlie Brown which Andy won at a white elephant party. She sat through a few minutes of it and then wanted to play. We really don't ever watch tv.
 Reading the Hobbit.
 Daddy's belt. At one point she unzipped her sweatshirt and looked like a wrestler with a huge belt buckle. Hah.
 She's been wearing one of my gloves around. Too funny.
 She loves reading, any time, any place. Even perched up on her scooter.
 Daddy explaining Middle Earth to her while she goes potty before a bath. She goes on the potty once every other day or so. She's definitely interested in it.
 Story time today with some of her friends. There was a reporter there from the Statesman Journal, so Ruby might be in the newspaper. :)
 At the end they always do a craft or an activity. Today's was playing snowball fight!
 Getting ready for bed. She's not much of a cuddler, but every once-in-a-while she wants to cuddle and we take full advantage.

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  1. You tell that Ruby girl that she can come to Grandma's house anytime!!! Such cute pictures. Love you all!


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