Sunday, December 1, 2013

17 Weeks

We're at 17 weeks today. Woohoo! My belly's getting really big now and I'm obviously pregnant. I had some comments from strangers this week. Three more weeks and we'll be half way there. We're having the hardest time with names this time around. We still have time, but honestly, we can't find a boy one we both like. Ruby would have been Reid if she were a boy, but we don't want two kids with R names, so that one's out.

I went to the midwife this week. My friends Abbie and Janna watched Ruby so I went by myself. Everything looks good. I had her check for two heartbeats because I'm so big. She looked around and found a second one, but after going back and forth several times (like 8 or so), we decided they were exactly the same rate and that it was the same baby. So we're thinking it's not twins, but only time will tell for sure.

It was a long weekend with Thanksgiving at the Pullens on Thursday, then we drove down to my parents' house on Friday and just got back tonight. I haven't had a nap in 4 days, and I'm pretty tired! I'll be sleeping nice and early tonight for sure, and I'm planning on having a nice nap tomorrow after Andy leaves for class. Unfortunately he'll be gone all afternoon and evening on our 7th anniversary. But we're going out to breakfast and I think we're planning a baby moon/late anniversary overnight in March.

Sleeping on our new mattress we got in September has been amazing this time around. At this point last time, I was already uncomfortable at night and needed my body pillow. So far I've been very comfortable and haven't had any problems... except for my dumb insomnia. Some nights I'm awake for an hour or more in the middle of the night, and other nights I just wake up early (like 5am) and can't get back to sleep. No wonder I need naps in order to keep up with Ruby.

I got to do the devotional for my cousin Carla's baby shower on Saturday, and it was really special. We grew up together and our moms were pregnant with us at the same time. So I think we took about 10 pictures of both of us with our pregnant bellies together. How fun.

Changes this week: Not much has changed. I'm feeling pretty good in this second trimester aside from still being really tired. I can feel that my stomach muscles have separated about an inch so far, so that worries me. Hopefully I won't need to wear a band or anything.

Cravings this week: I'm not too into sugary stuff still. No specific cravings though.

Link to Ruby's 17 week post

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