Thursday, February 6, 2014


This is Ruby in my sister's shirt she had when she was little. Go Huskers. :) 
We had a pretty good week this week, aside from Ruby getting a cold on top of her cold. :( She's got a dry cough that won't go away, and on Monday she got super snotty again, right when she was seeming to get better. Poor girl. She has done really well without her paci though. She asked for it for about one day at bed and nap, but then did really well after that. Naps were a little hard to get her to sleep for a few days, but now she does great. I'm glad it was so easy!
Ruby has this thing where we think she is scared of things. If I tell her to go to her room to get something or put something away, sometimes she shakes her head and says, "baby shark" and I think she's scared of it. So I moved baby shark (her shark towel) to the bathroom and that seems to be fine. I wonder if she had a bad dream about it or something.
One of my current favorite things is that she will say something like, "Ruby go outside because Mommy go outside." Often times she says because, and the second part of the sentence doesn't even go with the first part. It's so cute. She also says, "I think so might be in Ruby's bedroom" when I ask her to find something. And then she says, "Just a second," or "Be right back."

 On Friday Ruby woke up from her nap really early and was obviously not done sleeping. So Andy brought her out to me and I laid down with her on the couch while she finished sleeping. It was so precious.

 This is right after she woke up. She always says, "Ruby awake."

Snuggles with Mommy. 

 Some new silky jammies.

 Playing with her kitchen in the morning.

 On Saturday we had some friends over for dinner, so I made Carnitas with homemade salsa fresca, refried beans and guacamole. It was so good.

 We apparently don't have enough volunteers in our nursery currently, so Ruby sat in church with us on Sunday. Karley and Penny were with their parents too. Starting this next week she can go into the class above though, so that will be nice. We want to have her with us in church eventually, but it would be nice if that could be when she's 3 or 4 instead of 2. :)

 She did really well though. She had lots of fun with an activity book thing my Mom made when we were little. So she brought it to us filled with fun coloring things, and that kept Ruby occupied really well.

 We went to the high school super bowl party after her nap, and she had fun. She stared at the tv for about the first 30 minutes (we don't watch much tv, and this one was pretty huge), and then she wanted to play.


 On Monday we went to see some baby lambs at a farm of some people from our church. They were so cute! We had to duck under a tree while some huge hail came down.

 This one was born that morning, and it's umbilical cord was still wet. It was all wobbly and cute!

 These little twins were adorable. Ruby loved them and called them "baby lambies."

 We got a new memory foam rug for our kitchen (to help my feet) and Ruby likes to go stand on it and say, "feel funny."

 Andy came home on Tuesday with flowers for me and a balloon for Ruby. <3

 Ruby got some new toys in the mail from Uncle Randy for her birthday. She has fun with them.

 Ruby loves her little sibling, "Baby Heartbeat."

 We had a little dinner party yesterday.

 This is how she waits for Daddy sometimes. So cute.

 Styling with her skinny jeans, boots and scarf.

 What a cutie.

 We woke up this morning to a light dusting of snow, and then it continued to snow all day! We have about 5 inches right now and more is expected tonight and tomorrow. Ruby was supposed to go to the dentist this morning, but we cancelled because of the snow. Apparently there was a 20 car pile-up on the freeway near Albany, and we didn't want to risk being in something like that. So we had a fun day at home (and a coffee date to Starbucks).
 Ruby got a 1/2 pump vanilla steamer and loved it!

 We sat for a long time while we had our drinks. It was a ton of fun.

 We'll have to do it again! I love my girl.

 She had lots of fun with this cash box and some coins this afternoon. Then she said, "I need a dollar."

 We made the bed, and Ruby always likes to pretend to take a nap when we do.

 All ready to go out in the snow!

 She loves measuring the snow.

 We went in after about 5-10 minutes because I was cold. She was way more bundled than I was and had lots of fun. I had to carry her though, because the snow was about up to her knees. I had her walk behind me for a little bit, and she liked that. So fun.

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  1. I love how you write down what she is saying, so cute!! Lots of fun pictures. She is such a darling.


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