Sunday, February 9, 2014

27 weeks

I'm 2/3 of the way through this pregnancy! Yay! We can't wait to meet this new little baby in about 3 months. It's almost 2 pounds now and getting nice and heavy. I can kind of feel body parts now, like a foot or a head or something. I'm not really sure what. :)

Sleep has been going a little better for me lately. I only got up one time to use the bathroom last night, and once or twice more to turn over. The Olympics are currently going on, so I've been staying up a little too late. Maybe that helps me sleep better though. I'm still napping every day for about 30-40 minutes, and that is so nice.

I've been all into keeping our house clean. Organizing drawers, figuring out cleaning routines, etc. I'm afraid that will all change once the baby comes, but it's so nice now. This weekend we had a big snow storm (10 inches!) and then ice on top of it. So we've been kind of home bound. Church was cancelled today. We made ravioli and didn't go anywhere. I'm getting a little stir crazy, so hopefully it will melt soon and we'll be able to get out.

Next week we're going to go through our relaxation practices from our birth class last time. I think that will help prepare for labor again. I haven't been walking as much this time, but I'm way more active instead of sitting in a chair at work all day. So hopefully that will be enough. I'll start walking more once it warms up a little outside. Ruby really likes going on walks.

Changes this week: I've been having tons of Braxton Hicks. Hopefully that means that when the time comes, the baby will just fall out. :)

Cravings this week: Nothing really. Milk, I guess. I always crave milk.

Link to Ruby's 27 week post

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