Thursday, February 27, 2014

25 months

This week has been pretty busy again. We've had something going on pretty much every day, and Andy's been super busy getting ready for Winter Freeze this coming weekend. But it's also been a nice week. Ruby turned 25 months old yesterday, so we took the monthly photo. She loves laying down on her blanket and smiling for me.
I took Ruby to the dermatologist yesterday to check out her skin rash on her arms and face that she's had for a really long time. It's called Karatosis Pilaris or something like that, and it's pretty common. There's not much we can do about it at this point, and she will probably grow out of it by adulthood. We're just supposed to put lotion on it for now. It doesn't seem to bother her at all.
Ruby's latest favorite phrases are, "I no like that," and "I no want to." It's pretty funny sometimes when I say for example, "Ruby, we're going to Keizer," and she says, "I no like Keizer." Hah.
 Reading the potty book with Aunt Becca. Ruby likes to quote it and say, "Tinkle, tinkle, toot! I did it!"
 Cutting a potato in her kitchen.
 Weighing her milk.
 Coloring on the mossy sidewalk with Daddy.
 Play time with Daddy.
 We went out for dessert the other night. Ruby liked the lemon raspberry cheesecake better than the chocolate ganache cake.
 Waking up from a nap.
 Mmm. Water. She's really good at drinking from cups. Except she usually spills or dumps it out if you don't watch her.
 Andy walked around the corner and found her like this. :)
 She fits right under my 29 week belly.
 Trying on Daddy's t-shirt. Just a little big.
 Helping Daddy fix the shower faucet.
 Cuddling with Snowy Bear.
 She started putting ice in the shaker and wanted to shake it. Hah.
 25 month photo shoot.
 I just love her pretty gray eyes.
 She loves feeding the chickens a snack.
 Reading Corduroy to Snowy Bear.
 Reading with Daddy and Snowy Bear.
 Reading a cook book with Mommy. <3 She uses my belly for an arm rest when we read.
 Trying to cut her own toenails. She didn't really get it.
Reading her owl book.

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  1. Very fun posts!! Thanks. We both laughed at the potty book. Have you tried sitting your popcorn on your belly? Love you!


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