Thursday, November 24, 2016

I'm a week behind!

Sorry, I'm a whole week behind with my post! These pics are from the week before last Thursday. I went to New York, so that threw me off. :) 

So here are the pictures. The kids are getting so good at playing together (part of the time). It's so sweet to see them interact and love each other. Sometimes they wake up in the mornings and we just hear them talking or playing. I love it!

 This is how Andy takes his food for lunch. Hahaha He usually stuffs it all in a green bag (reusable/stuffable shopping bag) too.
 We spent the day at OMSI with our friends Cheryl and Nora!
 Little Eaglet
 He played with the bucket and bean bags for a long time.
 Then we had lunch on the train car with Daddy.
 Fresh play dough! We made an entire recipe of just blue for Reid.
 Andy came home with a headache, so Ruby rubbed his feet. She is so compassionate and caring, the Lord answered our prayers for that one.
The Pullen's 100% Natural Good-Time Family Band Solution
 He loves to push the mower.
 She's getting really good at her balance bike! Don't tell her, but we're getting her a big bike for Christmas. :)
 Making enchiladas!
 They both helped a lot. We made 4 pans, some to give away, some to eat, and some for the freezer for later.
 We love board games. Sequence is one of our favorites.
 Morning snuggles!
 I turned around in the midst of changing Reid, and this is what happened...
 They love when I inflate ziplock bags for them, like little balloons.
 My sweet girl.
 Reid reading.
 They love making crafts! Ruby makes these "charts" for Reid. I'm not sure what for, but it's cute.
 We went to Two's Together at the library. Reid and I sat in the back (he liked it more this time), and Ruby marched right up front all by herself.
 Helping peel carrots. They both love to help cook.
 Post-nap snuggles with Daddy.
 This is how Andy works from home some days... hahaha
She's looking at the code for the digital copy of Finding Dory. She initially had it for about 30 seconds, then put it down on the floor and climbed on a chair. When Andy asked her what the code was, she remembered the first 6 letters and numbers! She's got a crazy photographic memory.

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  1. Thanks for coming down here to share in Thanksgiving!! It has been so fun!! Love you all.


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