Thursday, November 17, 2016

17 weeks

I had quite the day of travel! I'm in New York right now visiting Randall and Sophie for a few days all by myself. Well, me and the baby of course.

We're 17 weeks along now. Getting close to half way! It feels like it's going by really fast. I'm feeling pretty good now, no nausea, but on the plane I had a little bit of crampyness. But I think that was just from travel. It's fine now. 

The baby is about the size of a turnip now. Which is silly, because turnips come in all kinds of sizes. Haha. It has been moving around so much!! I'm getting really big, lots of people ask about it now. No one has rubbed my belly yet though..

The other day Reid was listening to my stomach and said, "I hear sister!" And I said, "It might be a brother." And he said, "It might be a girl." Both kids really think it's a girl, and we do too really. We'll all be surprised if a boy pops out!

We've been working a little bit on baby names. I even got a name book from the library. We have a few ideas, but it's definitely not decided yet. We still have lots of time.

Changes this week: I'm in full time maternity clothes. I even got some new maternity sweat pants. They're really comfy.

Cravings this week: Not much. My sourdough cravings are totally gone. Chocolate maybe?

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  1. Glad you could go to New York!! Perfect timing!! Praying for you!


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