Thursday, November 10, 2016

16 weeks

Our little avocado is 16 weeks today! Apparently it's going to go through a growth spurt in the next few weeks. :)

We went to the midwife on Monday! We had Megan this time (last time it was Oni). We have three midwives, those two and Marilyn. We haven't met Marilyn yet, she'll be our next appointment. They want to make sure one of the midwives is always available for us, which I appreciate. I've really liked the two we've met so far! Megan is our primary, and she was there for my friend Audrey's births. It's always fun to hear the baby's heartbeat. It was beating at 135-140 bpm, and was down low on the right side again like last time. My iron level was a little low from my blood test last time, so she said I should up my intake of red meat, leafy greens, cooking in cast iron, and even eating molasses. If it is lower at my 28 week appointment, we'll talk about supplementing. Hopefully it will go up with just diet.

I have been super tired lately, which is really no fun. That might be tied to my low iron, now that I think about it... I'm really hoping that goes away. It's not fun to not be able to have energy for my family. 

Changes this week: Not too much, just exhausted still!

Cravings this week: Just food. Nothing specific.

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