Saturday, November 5, 2016


We had a fun week with Halloween and everything. And the best news, Reid has gone potty lots of times this week! He doesn't really ask to go, just when I ask him. And I should definitely be asking him more often.
 Ruby was making a Lego pool! Notice all of the blue in the middle for the water. :)
 Potty time! He likes using the big potty.
 Then Reid copied Ruby with a blue pool while she was at school.
 Playing pretend potty. Haha
 On Saturday we headed to the zoo! They had a special Halloween event where they had candy and stuff. It was way fun.
 Ruby made a friend. Which brings up something interesting... she seems to like being friends with boys better than being friends with girls. Not that that's bad. She definitely has girl friends as well.
 They love "walking out" (not riding in the stroller).
 Reid found a little cave to sit in.
 They love to drive this jeep, but Reid always freaks out when it's time to leave. :(
 We got to watch them work with the elephants!
 Tiger girl.
 The petting zoo was pretty fun.
 They loved the soft goats!
Then we all had a nice nap time. 
 And we carved our pumpkin that night.
We had lots of fun! 
 And we also watched the Nightmare Before Christmas. They loved it.
 Our pumpkins!
 Andy was cutting some wood in the back yard, and the saw scared Reid. So he came inside and wanted Ruby to snuggle with him. <3 It was so sweet!
 Fort time! Notice all of the shoes holding everything up.
Ruby found this in my maternity clothes box. She loves it and puts it on every day. 
It's so fun to watch Ruby do things at preschool!
 Reid loves playing when we take Ruby to preschool.
 He's all about steering wheels!
He and I went to a morning play thing at Cedar Mill church with our friends Lauren and Elouise. He loved riding this bike and a red rocket.  
 On Monday night we went down to the Pullen's for dinner, then we went across the street to go trick-or-treating.
 The kids had so much fun and got lots of candy!
 I took about 15 pictures before I got this gem!
 Sorting candy. Every time someone just held out a bowl, Reid would pick the blue things. That's how he ended up with so many Almond Joy's! And then he separated them all out when we got home. He loves everything blue.
 We had a sunny afternoon! So I sent the kids outside to play. They love harvesting the mushrooms that grow in our yard. They won't try to eat them though, they don't like mushrooms. Haha!
 Reid and I have been running errands all week! He's so good about it.
 We took him to the doctor on Thursday to talk about his digestive issues. We decided to run a bunch of tests to try to figure out what's going on! So he had to get his blood drawn, and he seriously didn't even flinch! The nurse had me hold him down with my body, but that wasn't needed at all. It was pretty amazing. He was also very happy about his blue bandage. We also had to collect a stool sample (well, a lot of them) and take that back in the afternoon. Hopefully we'll hear back soon on the results of it all. And hopefully we'll get it figured out!
 I let the kids pull off Reid's mattress and jump on it to get some energy out. They loved it!!!
 And then they had a dance party in the living room too.
These are some pictures Ruby's teachers posted on Facebook from preschool. Here she is cleaning the windows of the play structure.
 And with Mr. Nolan, a firefighter.
 They had a field trip down the street to the fire station!
And washing dishes with her friends Lily and Abby. She got home that day and told me that she did a bunch of chores, and I wasn't sure if I believed her. Then I saw the pictures! Hahaha

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  1. Love the teenie tiny steering wheel!! Glad Ruby is a willing helper! Love these! Wish I could have had them trick or treat here!


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