Monday, November 28, 2016

Solo trip to NYC!

I headed to NYC on my own for 4 nights this week. It was so much fun, and a much needed break from everything. Andy and Patty did a great job taking care of our kids, although I really missed them. Here's a bunch of pictures!
 I took a picture of the airplane for the kids. :) Then apparently Reid thought I was on an airplane for the whole time I was gone.
 Made it! I landed in Newark, then took the air train and New Jersey Transit over to Manhattan. Randall met me at Penn Station.
 Then I headed up to where Randall and Sophie live on W 113th St. The exterior of the coffee shop from Seinfeld is right around the corner from their apartment.
 I was greeted with this lovely sign. I was super tired when I got there! But we ate dinner and played Scrabble I think that night.
 The next day I took it easy in the AM while Randall and Sophie went to work. Then R came home and we headed out to the Met. We walked through Central Park, which was gorgeous!
 All of the fall leaves were beautiful.
The Met! 
 The art and things there were amazing.
 We loved this picture of King Louis XV.
 And this bedroom of King Louis XIV. Incredible.
 I took this one for Mom (you always like pictures of fruit).
 Andy's been telling a story about a fox family robbing a bank and then hiding the money in the couch... of course Sheriff Ringo the raccoon stops them. This couch was super puffy and looked like the one in the story!
 The mummies were pretty cool. They had a bunch there.
 And this huge room with an Egyptian temple.
 Posing in front of some American art.
 This chess set was pretty cool!
 The wood work in these rooms was amazing. And the teeny, tiny chairs.
We got home that night and my feet were exhausted. So we watched a movie and went to bed.
 Saturday morning in Times Square!
 From the other end.
 Then we went down to MoMath. On the way we saw this Leaf Fest where they were raking leaves for fun. Hahaha
 The square tire bikes at MoMath. It was fun to see everything!
 Hyper Hyperboloid (or something like that).
 I made this, it's supposed to be vegetables.
 These chairs were pretty cool.
 Then we headed over to Eataly, which was an amazing Italian market. Check out these wheels of Grana Padano cheese!
I think after this we went home for dinner and played Scrabble.
 Sunday morning Sophie ran a marathon! It was super cold, but she did amazing.
 Just over 4 hours, great job Sophie!!
Then that afternoon we all took a nap, then went out for yummy Italian food.
 Heading home Monday morning.
 Andy and the kids picked me up at the airport. It was soooooo good to see them. It's hard to be away! They bought me these pretty flowers.
 Here are some cute pictures of them while I was gone.
What precious kids.
 They had lots of fun with Daddy.
 And went to the zoo with Aunt Becca and Penelope.
I'm not sure what she's doing here...
On Monday, Ruby had her first preschool performance, which we both missed! Thankfully Patty was able to go and get a video for us. Ruby's on the top right.
 She wrote this card for my mom. It says, "I luv Gramo Debe."
 Her costume for the Thanksgiving feast. She had to bring two pieces of fruit for a fruit salad, and chose a grapefruit and a honey crisp apple.
 Back at home! The kids have really been enjoying workouts with me.
 Andy has been working from home a lot more, and Reid likes to borrow his head phones.
 I only had two nights at home, then we packed everything up and headed home to my parents' house for Thanksgiving. They helped me pack!
 Ruby was tired right when we got in the car and slept for a few minutes. These guys are really good in the car. We played lots of games like "I spy," the alphabet game, and everyone say words that start with a specific letter. That one always makes us laugh.
 All snuggled in at Grandma and Grandpa's house!

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  1. Thank you for taking a picture of fruit for me at the MET! You sure packed a lot of fun into your days in NYC! Thanks for coming down for Thanksgiving - was a great time!


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