Sunday, November 13, 2016

Reid turns 2 1/2!

We've had a fun week! The kids are healthy, Reid is a big boy now at 2 1/2, and Andy and I are exhausted... haha. No really. ;)

Reid has been waking up once a night, no more. And I feel like that's doable! It's usually at 12 or 1, and last night he woke up after a bad dream. He said his red bike rolled into the street and it scared him. Apparently he wasn't on it though, so that was good. Andy has been taking the kids out to ride bikes in the evenings, which has been really fun. Ruby's getting really good on her balance bike!

Ruby has been so sweet lately. At Costco tonight she saw a plate on the floor from someone else's table, and she went and got it and threw it away. She also kisses my tummy all the time and says "I love baby." And she loves to hug Reid and take care of him.
 Here's my baby bump! It's getting big. :)
 In preschool, they've been talking about how Native Americans used to tell stories with pictures. So they drew a picture and then dictated it to the teachers. Ruby's was so funny!
 The girls all had long, detailed stories, and the boys all had short little stories. It's interesting to see the different speeds of development.
 Reid and I went to Costco. He made this face when he saw this heater:
 He thought it was a fan, and was really confused.
 Silly Reid!
 Andy went on a crazy purge over last weekend. He completely went through everything in both bedrooms and got rid of a ton of stuff. It has made a huge difference! And the kids found all kinds of fun toys they haven't played with in a long time. Ruby had fun with the blocks.
 And Reid vacuumed with Daddy.
 Silly Ruby! She wanted to look pretty, so she chose this dress and the yellow hair bow.
Bath time is always crazy. There's currently red crayon all over the tub which looks like someone died in there. Hahaha 
And then we had the time change..... Reid already gets up early, so this really didn't help! The earliest morning this week was 4:45, which was a little better than I thought it would be. That's probably why we're so tired! 
 Ruby and I got all dressed up for church on Sunday.
 She has fun in Sunday School and built a fun wall! Often times the kids' classrooms get full, so we have to try to be on time to church. They could both go into the 3 year old class though, if theirs is too full. Reid had to today and loved it.
 We've been doing lots of crafts! Ruby came home with a bag of leaves and this paper from school and I guess she was supposed to make a leaf man, so we did! Apparently it's a duck though.
 Preschool!! She loves all of the fun activities she gets to do.
Reid came to the birth center with me and loved this fan. It kept him occupied pretty much the whole time.
It took me a while to get Reid to sleep on Monday at nap time, and when I came out Ruby had done this...
 They had made Oblek at school that day (like Gak), so she was trying to make something. It's water, milk, and muffin crumbs. So gross! We had to wash all of our bedding.
Reid turned 2 1/2 on Monday! I can't believe how big he is already. He's 31 pounds! He's also so tall...
 ...that we decided to switch his carseat to forward facing. The rear height limit was his head had to be 1" below the back shell, and it was getting very close. He didn't like when I looked at him in the mirror at first. After our midwife appointment, we met Andy, Del and Patty for lunch. When we headed back to pick Ruby up from preschool, Reid was really sleepy. So I decided to let him fall asleep and we'd just skip the nap later. But when we got home, he was still sleepy, so I rocked him for a little while and he fell back to sleep for another hour and a half! I was amazed. I guess the time change has made him pretty tired too. He has actually napped every day for the last week or two. Whew!
 They love putting on makeup with Mama.
 He loves the lip gloss. 
 And doing workouts with me too!
 They're so cute! They've been playing with each other so well.
 We went to Ruby's first parent/teacher conference on Wednesday! The kids got to play in a room down the hall, and we talked to Mrs. Nolan. She has been doing really well in school. She's very social and loves to be friends with everyone. We're so proud of her!
 They love Sequence! And you can see our Thanksgiving tree in the background.
 Ruby wanted to be twinsies, so we dressed identical! We even had matching gray sweaters and boots.
Andy played taste test with Ruby, it was fun!

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  1. You guys sure think of fun things to do... taste testing and all!! We can't wait to see more of you, more often!! Glad Reid is sleeping better!! Love you!!


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