Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Ruby's 5th birthday!!

Our big girl turned 5 this week!! I can't believe how fast time has flown. She is such a treasure. She knows all of her letters and numbers, and is learning to read and write. She loves to draw, play games, build forts, and make new friends. She has such a compassionate heart too. The other day when we were picking up Lego's, Reid and I bumped heads (he has the hardest head ever). It hurt me really bad, and Ruby went and got me a blanket to help me feel better. She constantly gives up things she wants to play with for Reid, who wants to play with them too. She definitely has a stubborn streak, but over all, she is a precious girl who really wants to do what's right.

Reid has slept through the night a little more often this week, which has been nice. He still regularly wakes up once for me to put his blankets back on. He likes to kick them off. And he says, "Can you cover my arms and my toesies and tuck my chin in?" He is soooo fun to talk to, he is such a goofy kid. He has definitely been throwing less tantrums, which has been so nice. I think he's getting better sleep, and that helps a ton.
 They love to sit right next to each other.
 He loves the dog at Old Navy! But he does get tired of running errands with mom, and threw a little tantrum after this... Haha
 Avocado nose
 We had free Jamba Juice coupons, so we went there for dessert. The kids had fun.
Ruby came out of rest time with this. It says "If the baby is a boy or a girl." We told her that if she's at the birth (like we're planning on), she gets to say if the baby is a boy or a girl. So she made a sign for it. I love that she tries to spell everything, even though it's mostly wrong!
 She draws houses like this a lot.
 Shopping with mom! He loves eating trail mix while we're out.
 Changing Baby Pluto.
 We made Ruby's birthday poster for school, it was a lot of fun. She cut out all of the letters except for the insides of the "R" and "b" and did a great job.
 More snuggling with Baby Pluto on our way to church.
 Finished poster! It turned out really cute.
 We went to the Sprungers' house for dinner on Sunday night. The kids had so much fun with "Singing and jumping time." Their boys are really sweet.
 On Monday, Reid and I had a play date at Audrey's house. Reid and William didn't play together very well though, and they were both tired... Hopefully that will improve soon.
 Silly kids! Ruby wanted to dress for summer, and then wanted to wear those clothes to bed. So I let her. :)
 Cutie pie. He loves his guitar.
 On Tuesday we went to Two's Together at the library. Reid is a little bit shy there, but he ended up having fun. Especially with his blue shaker eggs.
 Ruby just loves it every time. We really miss Motion Monday at our old library.
 I have no idea why they do this when they're waiting for me to unlock the door, but it's really funny.
 The kids both LOVE grapefruit! Reid wanted to squeeze out the juice like I do.
 Chatting on our block phones.

 I made this tooth fairy pillow for Ruby's birthday. She loves it! Her bottom two teeth are a little wiggly, so they will be coming out in the next few months. She is so excited.
 Working out with mom!
 Ruby got to be Star of the Week at school. She gets to have three different school days where she brings a show and tell thing and talks about her poster. We also brought brownie muffins in to share with the class.
 The kids put on a play for us, Ruby was the mom, and Reid and Lupe were the kids. Apparently the dad was on his way to Disneyland.
And I'm really not sure why she strung up this bear for the play! Hahaha
 Reid just got distracted with his tractor and the mirror.
Trying to blow across the bottle. It was super cute. 
 Birthday breakfast!! Ruby went back and forth between Overnight Oats and pancakes, and then we remembered German pancakes, so we went with that. She was so excited all week for turning 5!
 She got to open a few gifts at breakfast.
 She loves dresses, and I found 3 for her at Old Navy for about $16 total. She was so excited.
 I found these fashion plates at Target, and she loves them! I loved them as a kid too.
Andy headed to work, and the kids and I went to the park. It was super wet, but that didn't stop us! We came prepared with a towel. 
We had so much fun, even though it was a bit cold. 
 We played on the little play structure for a while, we were all Pirates.
 They are so silly!
 Then a bunch of kids from a preschool showed up, and Ruby pretended they were all the sharks.
 Our big girl!
 We drove to Chick-fil-A for lunch and met Grandma and Grandpa there!
 So happy. :)
 And crazy boy. The kids had fun playing in the play place and came very well when it was time to leave.
Ruby chose Raspberry Tart for her birthday dessert and helped me make it. 
We had both Grandma's and Grandpa's over for dinner along with Aunt Paula, Uncle Paul, and Aunt Paula's mom. The carnitas was a big hit!
When the second set of grandparents walked in the door, Reid's mind was blown. He said a few times, "Two Grandpa's??!!" 
 Gift time! She got them all down and spread them out in the living room. This is the first birthday there hasn't been other kids, so she had some space opening her gifts. Hahaha
 He got this little yellow tractor from Grandma Debbie, and LOVES it. He calls it either his "instruction tractor" (construction), or his backhoe.
 Family photo attempt! I love it.
 Dessert time!
 She's really growing up, and looks a ton like me. :)
 Silly goose.
I realized I skipped when she was 3 for this picture, but it's cute anyway. :)

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  1. We are so glad that we could be a part of the birthday fun!! Super cute pics. Love all of you!


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