Thursday, January 5, 2017

24 weeks

 It was an exciting week baby-wise! Firs we went to see our midwife on Tuesday. I went to the birth center in Tualatin and met Patricia, one of our midwives. She was super nice. I was definitely measuring ahead, so she wasn't sure that it wasn't twins! We scheduled an ultrasound for today to check it out...
 And here's our little baby! It was so fun to see it moving around (it moved a ton!). And it's really a cutie. It loved having it's hands up by it's face a lot. Andy's not sure that he didn't see the gender, but we're just going to go with we still don't know for sure. Haha
And a little profile pic. I think it looks like a Pullen for sure. :)

Everything else seems like it's going well. I'm starting my online diastasis recti core training program this week, so hopefully that will help. I do have a 6 finger gap right now in my abs, which is not so good. I'm hoping to work on closing it even while I'm pregnant. 

I'm getting so excited to meet this new little one. Now I know what position it's in, I can tell what are it's feet, etc. My placenta is toward the back and up the right side, so nice and far away from the cervix, which is good. And the baby likes laying on the right side as well. Which makes sense as to why I'm feeling super heavy on that side! Haha

Changes this week: Feeling super huge. My maternity shirts are starting to get too small already!

Cravings this week: STEAK! I'm still anemic, so it's super funny that I've been wanting to eat high iron foods. Good for me though. :)

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