Tuesday, January 24, 2017


We had lots of snow still at the beginning of the week, and we all just about went crazy! We literally didn't get out of the house from Tuesday to Saturday, except I went out and got groceries on Wednesday. Poor kids. 
 Things like this happened... during Ruby's rest time. Yep, that's our bed.
 He loves to make silly faces.
 We watched Cars, and Ruby wanted to put on her racing suit. It's actually Reid's, but it fits her better. :)
 On Saturday morning we *finally* got out of the house and went to Target. Andy was handsome.
 And this is Costco too. The parking lot was slippery!
 She's so cool. She wore these into Costco. Hahaha
 She loves writing. We made birthday cards for Penelope and Charlotte.
 Then we all met at Sunset Lanes for some family bowling!
 Ruby and Charlotte
 The kids LOVED it. And they both did pretty good!
 So excited!
Me and my two bowling balls. 
 Reid had so much fun.
 Happy guy!
 And then there were nachos.
End results... I beat Reid by one point and Ruby by 5 points. Hahaha!! Of course, they had bumpers, but I clearly need some practice. 
 Cake! How cute are they?
 So cute. She tried with the ramp and sometimes without it.
 The kids were both snotty on Sunday morning, and there was still a ton of snow, so we stayed home. Reid has been eating with his chopsticks a lot lately. I don't think cereal worked too well.
 Picking out stories for nap time.
 Ruby got these beads for her birthday, and they have been having so much fun with them! It was a nice distraction from being stuck inside at home.
 Sweet boy.
 She has been drawing lots of houses.
On Monday, we all painted our toenails! Reid chose blue, of course.
 We made granola and yummy healthy banana muffins that turned out really good.
 I wound yarn all around the house and they had fun cutting it all down.
Reid is pretty good with scissors. 
 The kids and I got out to Michaels, and we drove through Krispy Kreme to get some donut holes for Andy. We're going through these books this month that have 31 ideas for loving and appreciating your spouse. Some of them are silly, but it has been fun.
 Such a goof ball!
 Ruby had this fantastic idea of making an indoor beach. She got out the towels, sheets, their swimsuits on and everything.
 She even drew and cut out little boats for beach toys. It was the cutest thing!
 Finally, the snow started to melt! We have had a pack of coyotes out behind our house since the first snow we got a week or two ago. That has been frightening, especially after one of them died and the others all ate it. They like to howl at night. Needless to say, the kids haven't been playing in the back yard much.
 Ruby's first time writing out the whole alphabet! It's pretty much flawless, and she did it all on her own. :) 
My cutie boy. 
 Ruby and I played Sequence for Kids, we both won twice. She's getting pretty good!
 Then we made flowers out of our chips.
 We went all out and did Gluey Kabluey (cornstarch and water).
 It kept them occupied for quite a while, and of course makes a mess. It's pretty easy clean up though.
 Ruby wrote this note, it says "If the baby is a boy or a girl." Spelled in Ruby style, of course. I LOVE that she is trying to spell everything. We told her that hopefully she'll get to be at the birth and she can tell everyone if the baby is a boy or a girl. So I think that's why she made this. So cute.
 Fort time! This was a pretty good one. They could even climb on top of it.
Reid had fun being a baby inside. They have been playing baby and mommy a lot lately. Reid will suddenly say, "Mommy!" And I'll say, "What Buddy?" Then he'll say, "Not you, Wuby is being my mommy." Hahaha

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  1. I somehow missed these but looked at them tonight - super cute!! I love this blog!


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