Saturday, January 28, 2017

27 weeks

Ruby's birthday was on Thursday, and my parents were visiting, so I didn't make my post! At least I got my picture done. :)

Little baby is getting big! I'm officially in the third trimester now, only 3-ish months to go. We are all getting so excited to meet our little one. Reid and Ruby still think it's a girl, but I really have no idea. Can't wait to find out!

The baby has been having tons of hiccups lately. I've been feeling them way down low, they were on the left side, but the last day or two they've been on the right side. So I'm pretty sure it's head down. In the middle of the night one night this week, I felt a hard spot above my belly button. I was freaked out that it was the head and it had flipped over. But I think it was just it's bottom. :)

Andy and I were working on our list of baby names on a date last night. We didn't really agree on our top names, so we'll have to revisit. Naming kids is hard! We really don't have any that we especially like, so I think we'll have to look around for more ideas.

My hips have been a little better with sleeping, for the most part. The last two nights I actually slept really well, which was nice. I am trying to keep my iron levels and my hydration up, those are both really important.

Changes this week: Bigger belly! I got some more size medium shirts, the smalls were getting too small.

Cravings this week: All of the carbs and all of the sweets. :/ I'm trying to say no and eat healthier things.

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