Thursday, January 5, 2017

Recovering, and tons of crafts

This week I didn't take many pictures apparently! We were busy being sick, and then recovering. My parents came up Thursday night to take care of us for a few days, which was a HUGE blessing. They left on Saturday morning, and oddly enough, both kids threw up again Saturday night again within about 20 minutes of each other. So we spent New Year's Eve cleaning it up, doing laundry, and then we went to bed at 11. Haha Thankfully that was the end of it though, except Reid had diarrhea and Ruby got a weird fever a few days later again.

Since we were cooped up (and it has been super cold out!), the kids have been loving crafts and drawing. They have a big drawer full of paper and crayons, and they use them liberally. :) I love it!
 He has been loving his blue scissors, but he also has cut a t-shirt and a cloth napkin. So he is very supervised with scissor use.
We put away all of our Christmas decorations on Saturday. I wanted a picture of our finished Nativity scene. I love how it turned out!
Snack time! Reid did this all on his own. He is so funny. 
 Snuggles... he has been going potty more, and trying his undies more too!
 Squirmy cuddles!
 She made this really cute card for Andy and I.
 All dressed and ready to go to the birth center on Tuesday. We went to Target on Sunday as well, but this was really our first outing since being sick.
 The kids did really good. There's a big wet lands outside of the window, and Reid had fun watching the ducks and seagulls fly around. This was so cute.
 Ruby wanted me to make a bunch of tickets for her, and she was trying to draw numbers on them. She can do most of the letters, but apparently we need to work on numbers! This is supposed to be a "5." Haha!
 More coloring.
 And even more coloring.
 Ruby is dreaming about summer... she wants to get a bigger pool. So she drew a picture of one, and that's her and Reid jumping in! I love it so much.
 We all got to go to the ultrasound today. The kids did really good. :) They had fun seeing their little brother/sister in there!
 And more crafts. :) We made a bunch of hearts today.
 Reid woke up from his nap today and was asking where the black lid on the green thing was, and I couldn't figure out what he was asking about for the longest time. Finally I figured out it was my roller bottle with Stress Away in it. So I made them their own oil roller bottles, and they proceeded to apply it all over.
 It was cute, but eventually made a mess, of course.
 After dinner tonight, Reid helped do the dishes...
...and Ruby helped fold the laundry! They're such good kids. 
He wasn't too happy about how wet he got though. :)


  1. Glad you are all feeling better! Hopefully the snow won't last long and you'll be able to all go out and about!! Thanks for sending such cute pictures!! Life with the Pullens!! Love you!

  2. The picture of Reid watching the ducks outside the window is great. Also Ruby's drawings.


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