26 weeks

Little baby is 26 weeks! If it was born right now, it would have a very good chance of survival, which is crazy. My belly is getting so big, my size small shirts are already getting too short! That happened with Reid too, but I don't think quite this early. I had to get some size medium shirts last time, and I'll probably have to grab some more this time. I do feel really good healthy wise though, I'm getting workouts in 4 days a week, which has kept my stamina up.

I've been feeling better this week, I think getting in more iron has helped. Hopefully when they do my blood panel at my appointment on the 31st, it will be at normal-ish levels. Speaking of... after this next appointment we start going in every two weeks! I can't believe the 3rd trimester is already here. It won't be long until our lives all get flipped upside down for a while. I can't wait though, we were looking at pictures of Reid as a newborn, and he was so cute and so sweet. We are excited to have one more.

Changes this week: My hips have really been hurting at night while I sleep. It feels a lot better in the mornings after I get my workout in.

Cravings this week: Not much, just the usual carbs I guess. I've been wanting a lot more veggies too, which is good!


  1. Can't wait to hold this coming grand baby!! Praying for you!


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