Sunday, January 15, 2017

Snow... lots of it!

We got a bunch of snow this week! It was exciting at first, but our city shuts down when it snows because they don't have the capacity to plow it I guess. So Ruby's school was cancelled all week. :( She was sad the first day. It's hard being cooped up for a week, the kids have been fighting a lot the last few days. On top of that, Ruby got another cold from preschool and we all caught it. But we all survived, and I was able to come up with some fun stuff to do. Hopefully the snow will melt and school will start up again for a change of pace for us all!

Reid has been having a hard time throwing big fits lately, as usual. It's just gotten a little worse lately. We're seeing the gastroenterologist this week (it got cancelled last week because of the snow/ice), so hopefully we can at least address his digestive issues, which might be related to his behavioral issues. If they don't address it, we're going to see about getting him evaluated by a behaviorist through the school district. Not sure if anything is going on with him, we just want to take care of him the best we can, and to help him understand his emotions. Poor kid.

Ruby has gotten so good at drawing and writing words. She makes the cutest pictures every day, and often makes them for us. She usually draws our family, which is so cute!
Here we are, post-workout. They've been loving to work out with me lately.
Ruby did have school on Friday, so Reid and I went to the library. He pooped when we first went in, so I had to take him back to the car to change him. And then after we played for a while and got all of our books, we left. Then part way down the road I remembered that I promised Ruby some I Spy books, so we went back! It was kind of silly, but Reid did great with it all.
He picked out some tractor books and wanted to carry them to the check out.
And then did this to read them at home!
Ruby had a make-up Happy Birthday Jesus party (it got cancelled because of snow), so we picked her up in the classroom. It was fun to see her making projects! She's really cute at school. She made one big curly piece of "water," and then showed everyone in the class, saying "Hey guys, look at this one!" She loves recognition.
Saturday afternoon snuggles.
Thursday night I heard a coyote out back after I put the kids to bed, then on Saturday afternoon, Ruby looked out and saw it! It was wandering around eating something. Then, after it snowed more, Andy and Ruby went out back to walk around in the woods, and they found the coyote dead. We have no idea what happened, it's super weird. I am glad I don't have to worry about it being back there anymore, but poor thing.
Reid puts on his tutu when we put music on so he can dance. And then they played Mario with Daddy.
And he didn't want to stop wearing it for lunch. :)
Handsome guy!
I love that they love to read.
Reid turned 32 months this week. He's getting really big, and he's also really silly. Everyone says he's tall for his age! He really likes going potty, but he still isn't great at holding it. We got him pull-ups, which he likes wearing, so we're working on it.
At rest time one day, Ruby got my journal out and drew this cute picture.
Getting ready for bed!
Saturday morning pancakes.
And they snuggled up to watch a little show.
Ruby was playing "hair stylist," so she drew this picture of a hair style and taped it on Reid. Hahahaha
She also drew this dinosaur!
We made these glitter bottles for fun, and to try to help Reid calm down when he can't. He actually threw a giant fit when we made them though. :/
They're pretty cool. Lots of glitter and clear glue.
Ruby loves Dinner Winner! She actually ate her whole healthy Sloppy Joe in it. She has been a picky eater for a long time, but she's getting better. Reid, on the other hand, will eat pretty much everything we give him.
Ruby made this cute face out of her snack.
Tuesday night it snowed a ton!!! It was really exciting, we have never had this much snow I don't think. Maybe one year in Stayton. And it is still around out there.
Ruby's cold gave her an earache, so we put ear drops in her ear, which help a lot. Reid was sweet and got his chair and a book to read to her. They really love each other.
Feeling better!
And getting ready to go play in the snow. He is just the cutest.
Reid was making a "track" in the snow.
It is so pretty out behind our house!
Crazy amount of snow! Ruby's very first thing she said when she looked out the back door was, "Look at all that fresh snow I can eat!"
Cutie pie... his gloves never stay on, and then he gets really cold and can't calm down. :/
I got out on Wednesday before it all turned to ice because we needed groceries. Glad I did! We didn't go anywhere else until Saturday.
Lots and lots of coloring!
Apparently at school they sing a song about colors, and they're missing pink. So Ruby made pink for her class. Hahaha
We've been drinking this spinach/parsley/orange juice drink to boost my iron levels, and the kids love it! I also made green eggs (spinach blended up in our scrambled eggs), and they love that too! Great/fun ways to get greens into little kids.
Andy and Ruby built this fun snow fort.
We made rainbow play dough.
Reid just likes blue. :)

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  1. Glad you know how to improvise when schedules change!! Such cute pictures!! Love you all!


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