Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Rain, rain, go away!

It has been raining a lot lately! We've been trying to find fun inside activities to do with all of the wetness. We don't mind though, it makes everything so lovely and green!

Before her birthday, Ruby said, "Mom, I just want it to be February right now!" And I was wondering why, then she told me because she wanted it to be Groundhog's Day. Hahaha... she was a little disappointed when it didn't turn out to be that exciting.

Reid has been going potty really well and only has an accident every now and again. Some days, though, he just wants to wear his diaper. I don't think I'm very good at potty training. :/
 On Saturday we went downtown to a little French bakery. It was lovely!
 Mmm... croquets.
 They were quite sugary. When the kids get some sugar, Ruby says, "We're all sugared up!" Except she says it more like "sigar."
 Keeping an eye out.
 They love each other, and love making things together.
 Reid said, "I'm so glad Grandma got me this mower."
 Messy face... (and house). It is really hard to keep everything clean, especially with my belly.
 Ruby wanted me to help her wrap her baby on, and then she wore her for a long time. Here they are driving a bus together.
 We made granola! They are great helpers and both love to cook!
 Valentine's crafting.
 He has been wanting to brush his own teeth a lot. So we let him, and then do it right. :)
 They wanted to read in boxes.
 Poor Reid doesn't fit so well on my lap anymore.
 He really wanted Ruby to get him dressed. It was pretty cute! And see his backhoe that Grandma got him! He loves it so much.
 They played horses and cars for a long time on Thursday morning. It reminded me of when Randy and I played Barbies and dinosaurs together.
 We met Audrey, Ruby's friend from preschool, and her mom at the Village Cafe for a little play date. It was lots of fun! And there was a great big space for the kids to run around.
 Then we went home and made healthy-ish Valentine's cookies.
They had fun cutting them out and frosting them.

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