Thursday, February 9, 2017


We had a fun week! We went to the Children's Museum and OMSI. Ruby has been having a fun time being 5 so far, and Reid is doing good at using the potty a lot more.
 Ruby wanted to make something with her new cooking gear from Grandma and Grandpa.
 Here she is with her Star of the Week stuff at school! She loved it, and she has been wearing her new dresses pretty much every day.
 Reid, Mom, Dad, and I went over to play with Dana and the boys on Friday while Ruby was at school.
 Ruby made up a game for us all to play. She basically made us all a piece of paper, and then told us what to draw! Hahaha
 Andy and I went on an impromptu date since my parents were here. We discussed baby names, but still aren't settled on them!
The snow is STILL around in some places. Every time the kids see a pile of dirty snow in a parking lot, they say "Ewwwww!" 
 We went to the Children's Museum on Saturday! It was sooo fun. 
 Climbing wall
 Reid loved the tractor room.
Ruby had fun pretending to be a veterinarian. 
 And then a checker.
 Bath night. They've been having fun with the letters.
Ried and I got groceries at Winco on Monday, and he was really good. They're doing construction on one side of the parking lot, so we stopped to watch for a while. He loved it.
 My belly makes a nice car track.
 Bananas dipped in dark chocolate for a yummy treat.
 Blanket bed fort!
 Undies!! He has been doing a great job at using the potty and has only had a few accidents.
 Silly kids!
 Playing at OMSI with Dana and the boys! They all had lots of fun.
 Reid designed the colors on this butterfly and had a ton of fun.
Ruby has been having difficulty with obeying and throwing fits, so we introduced a penny reward system. She starts with 50 at the beginning of the week, and then gets one taken away every time she's naughty. The first week she only had 13 at the end of the week, but this week she had 31! Much better.
 Reid got his fingers smashed in the door of his and Ruby's room. He had them right in the hinge right when Ruby closed it. :( Poor guy, he was a mess.
 Ruby had her 5 year appointment!
 She did great with everything, except she failed her hearing test. We're not sure what the deal is with that, if she is actually having hearing problems, or if she didn't know what to do on the test. So we're going to retest her in a few months. I'm not too worried, she doesn't seem to have any problems.
We all went to the midwife on Tuesday, which was so fun! The kids love hearing the baby.

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  1. OUCH!! I'm sorry Reid's fingers were smashed in the door. Is he OK now? Cute pictures as always. Just a few more weeks and you will be chasing 3 around!! You are a great mama! And Andy is an awesome dad. Love you all.


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