Sunday, February 19, 2017

Tillamook Cheese Factory

We had a fun week. The weather has been a *little* better, so we've been able to go outside a little bit. It's at least warmer out! Reid is doing good with potty training. He definitely has accidents though, and he says, "I have a accident" super matter of fact. Or "my pants are wet." We'll get it!

Ruby has been super helpful lately. She has been so good at putting her clothes in the laundry or back in her drawer if they're not dirty, and picking up her toys before moving on to the next thing without complaining. :) I love it!!
Wrestle time with Daddy! Reid just wanted to lay on him. 
 They like I Spy books from the library.
We got Ruby a new backpack, and she loves it. Reid loves his hand-me-down one and likes to bring it when we drop Ruby off!
 He gave her the sweetest kiss goodbye at preschool.
They really love to play together.
 Reid and I cleaned out the microwave and the refrigerator on Friday. It is so nice to have it all clean! And he sprayed the drawers really well.
 We took a little drive out to the Tillamook Cheese Factory on Saturday! Reid loved driving the little cheese bus.
Ruby made a penny and loved turning the crank. 
 They were fascinated at how cheese is made.
 Reid came over to me and whispered in my ear (really loudly), "Milkees! The milk comes out of the milkees!"
 Cheese sampling.
 Showing off her loose tooth! Oh, and Reid has been scratching her face occasionally... we're working on that. :(
More bus driving! 
 We all got ice cream for a treat. Reid got Tillamook Mudslide, and Ruby got Fireside Smores. I think this was maybe their first or second ice cream cone ever.
 She did pretty good!
 We put Reid's in a bowl, and he chewed a hole in the bottom of his cone and used it as a spy glass.

Then on the way home, Reid got pretty sleepy, but didn't really take a nap. I'm glad they're at the age where that isn't the end of the world. He does get grumpy by night if he misses his nap.
 There was a big, brand new house for sale by the library on the way home that was having an open house... so we stopped in for fun! The kids loved running around in the big master bedroom.
 We got Ruby a few books that she can read, and she loves it!
 I've been loving my ukulele!
 Ruby took a selfie! Hahaha
On Sunday Ruby was really snotty, so we stayed home from church. Then we went to the Audubon Society to meet some big birds. This was Ruby the turkey vulture. 
 She drew this picture of a bird. "Nam Ruby 5 years old"
 Reid drew that blue one on the bottom. :)
 On Monday, I dropped Reid off to play with Dana and went to Ruby's Valentine's party at school.
 We had fun!
 She made all of the valentine's for her class mates and teachers, and then did so good at putting them all in the right bags.
 On Tuesday I had to run up to Target at Jantzen Beach, so we also stopped to watch the airplanes come in to land for a while. I heard a big fart in the back seat and turned around to ask who it was.. and they both blamed each other! We all laughed. I'm still not entirely sure who it was, although I suspect Ruby.
 Daddy plays "Sven the Massage Guy" at bath time lately, and the kids love it.
 They're so cute.
 We made pet rocks. Reid got the kit for Ruby and I for Valentine's Day.
I Spy during Reid's nap. She loves playing games. 
 They helped Daddy take out the trash.
 And then Ruby folded all of these socks!

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  1. Glad you are giving your kids lots of experiences in life!! Ruby and Reid are both getting to be such good helpers!! You are blessed for teaching them. Love them and you!!


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