Thursday, February 9, 2017

29 weeks

I didn't get a proper photo today, so this will have to work. :) The baby is getting so heavy, I used KT tape to help with it. Which actually worked really well. And I can keep it on for a few days at a time, which is good. That and my splint while I'm at home help so much.

I seem to be having all of the discomforts I had with both of my other pregnancies. My hip hurts at night, which happened with Ruby, and my right ribs hurt, which happened with Reid. I'm excited for this pregnancy to be over! But I do really love feeling the baby move around. That is the best part. 

I'm getting a little nervous about getting everything ready for the baby, and trying to figure out where all of the stuff is going to go! I'm sure it will work out.

Changes this week: Not much, just getting bigger.

Cravings this week: Just everything, really. I have been trying to eat more protein, which helps with the carb cravings.

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