Thursday, February 2, 2017

28 weeks

Okay, now we're "officially" in the third trimester. I don't know why they count it that way, we only have 12 weeks left. 12x3=36, not 40. Silly.

Anyway! We had an appointment with Megan, our primary midwife, on Tuesday. Everything's looking good. The baby is head down-ish, but there's still plenty of time for it to get into a good position. I did only gain 1 pound since my last appointment 4 weeks ago. I've been craving lots of carbs, which Megan said is my body's way of telling me I need more food. So she told me to eat more protein foods instead, because those will sustain me longer. I've been eating more meat and peanut butter/cheese since then.

Ruby had fun holding the doppler for hearing the heartbeat. :) 

And she also brought her doctor kit, so she took Reid's blood pressure when Megan was taking mine.

It was nice to get to have Andy there too! We chatted about how it's going to look for the birth and everything. I'm a little anxious about knowing when it's time to go in to the birth center. With my other two, everyone just came to me. I also am not looking forward to riding in the car in labor... but we'll get it all figured out.

I think I'm starting to get into nesting mode a little bit. I want to figure out where we're going to put everything for the baby. We really don't have much space, but we'll make do! I'm excited about getting baby clothes out to wash and put somewhere. And all of the baby equipment too... 

Changes this week: I've been wearing my splint more, it helps so much with my heavy belly and my lower back pain I've been having. Thankfully I've been sleeping pretty good, my hips aren't hurting like they were.

Cravings this week: Still carbs! I will definitely be upping my protein intake though, like Megan said.

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