Saturday, February 25, 2017

31 weeks

Our baby is growing! Only 9-ish weeks to go. We can't wait to meet him/her and see what they look like. Ruby looks so much like me, and Reid looks so much like Andy. We're wondering if this one will be a combo? Or favor one more than the other.

We looked at our ultrasound results on my birth center website, and it looked like there may have been a slight issue with the baby's kidneys. I don't think it was anything to worry about though. We looked it up, and it looks like 95% of this issue resolves on its own. I'll ask the midwife about it at my appointment next week. After this we're going to every two weeks for appointments, then in April it will be every week! Getting down to it!

My sis is throwing us an online baby shower, which will be nice. We have most of what we need already, but it will be nice to update a few things, or get more of the stuff we could use. Now space is a definite issue though... where on earth will all of the baby stuff go?

I think I posted this before, but our infant carseat had a crack in the foam. Graco sent us new foam, but I couldn't get the little connecters off without breaking them. So I called them yesterday and they're sending new connecters too. I'm thankful! The car seats will all fit in our Pilot, we have the baby's base in the middle. At least when it's little it will be easy to pop it in and out.

I'm feeling big! But also really good and healthy. We started the Whole30 on Monday, and I'm monitoring my weight to make sure I'm not losing. I want to make sure I gain about a pound a week at this point. This way of eating is super healthy for the baby though. :)

Cravings this week: The carb cravings are literally gone, with all of the protein and healthy fats I'm eating. Yay!!! There was even chocolate eclair at small group last night, and it looked good, but I didn't need it. Huge win for this sugar addict!

Changes this week: Not much has changed. Sleeping has been still uncomfortable.

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  1. You are almost all baby!! Will pray that the kidney is not a concern. Glad you are doing well, am praying for you! Love you so much!! Can't wait to meet little Pullen!


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