Thursday, November 14, 2013

Mommy's girl

 Ruby knows this thing is for making applesauce, although she doesn't quite get that the apples need to be cooked first...
She's going through a little phase where she wants Mommy for most things. Her favorite phrases are "Mommy do it" and "Mommy come eewe." She cries for Daddy sometimes though too. And he's super fun to play with. :)
She's getting over her cold slowly. We took her to church on Sunday, but I kept her with me just for the music and then went home. She loved it and was mostly just observing everyone. On Tuesday we had to miss my women's group, but then on Wednesday I had Mops, and Andy stayed home with her so I could go. :) They built a fun tunnel out of blankets and furniture in the living room. We went to Story Time at the library today because she wasn't too snotty, and she had tons of fun. She brought her turtles to share and just walked around like she owned the place. The library lady really likes her. She's got quite a personality!
We were working on night weaning Ruby and made it through a few nights, but then she got sick and we went back to nursing once or twice at night. When she's better we'll start again.
The real big news this week was that Ruby went poop in the potty! She had a tiny bit in her diaper when I was changing her one morning, and I could tell she had to go some more. So I sat her on the potty and she didn't really want to sit, but then she pooped! She was so excited and talked about it all that day.
 Playing dominoes with Daddy. She loved when they all fell down.
 Styling Daddy's hair.
 My leg after Ruby got done with her stickers.
 Practicing to be a big sister.
 Such a cool girl.
 This may be my favorite picture. It captures her love for books. She constantly wants me to read to her and loves looking at books herself. She even knows a lot of the stories already and can say parts of them.
 Lazy morning.
 Shape sorting!
 Eating the end of Mommy's burrito.
 Rocking and playing with her cars.
 The flash surprised her, but this is how droopy and snotty she was this week. :(
 Building a Lego house.
 Hiking up her pants.
 The weather was really nice one afternoon, so we all bundled up and went on a nice walk. She liked her pockets.
Playing "night night" this morning. She stayed there for at least a minute or two.

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  1. Really fun pictures!!! She is growing up so fast. She does have quite the personality. I can't stand being so far away! Love all of you.


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