Sunday, November 3, 2013

13 Weeks

We're almost out of the first trimester! Woohoo! My belly's really sticking out, especially in the evenings, which is when I usually take my pictures. Wow. Good thing everybody knows now and I don't have to try to hide it. Maybe it's twins. ;) Ruby and I went over to Norpac on Halloween and I told everyone our news. They were all pretty excited, then I posted it on Facebook yesterday.

The baby is 2 inches long already and has reflexes and stuff. I'm wondering if I'll feel it move earlier this time. Last time I was 16 something weeks, so maybe soon. I keep thinking I feel it, but it must be way too early, so it's probably gas bubbles or something. My food moving around in there.

I had an appointment with my midwife again this week. Everything's looking good. The baby's heartbeat was 140, and she found it right away. I haven't gained much weight at all this time yet, maybe 3 pounds or so. I started out a few pounds lighter this time too, so the rest of me must be skinnier because my belly's already there. I'm sure I'll start gaining more soon, I just need to pack in the calories.

Changes this week: I'm definitely feeling less sick, except for this morning before breakfast I didn't feel great. I'm glad I haven't thrown up with either of my kids! My belly button is sticking out along with my whole belly. My jeans are starting to feel tight when I'm sitting. I'll probably be in maternity clothes earlier this time. I do need to go get a new Bella Band because I think I stretched out my old one when I was huge pregnant with Ruby.

Cravings this week: I keep thinking I'm craving chocolate, but then when I get some, it doesn't sound good anymore. I'm mostly just hungry all the time, even in the middle of the night.

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  1. Enjoying your post from Oxford countryside! Glad you are feeling good.


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