Sunday, November 24, 2013

16 Weeks

We're 16 weeks along now. Sometimes it feels like it's going really fast, but other times I think about the fact that we still have over 5 1/2 months to go and it feels like forever. It takes a while to grow a baby. It's about the size of an avocado now, 4 1/2 inches or so long. I guess that's big enough to feel, because...

I felt the baby move this week! Andy and I were out to dessert on Tuesday, and I felt a little kick or flutter or something. I guess it likes chocolate mousse. :) So fun. I can't wait until Andy and Ruby can feel it too. I've felt it a few times a day since then too. That's probably my favorite part of pregnancy.

Ruby's so sweet. She gives the baby kisses and says "I yuz you" to my belly. I'm not sure if she knows what's going on or if she just does it because she knows I like it. She's going to be a great big sister though.

I've been having this thing where if I don't eat enough protein, or enough food, I feel really yucky, like I'm about to pass out. It's no fun. I wonder if I'm just not getting enough calories in. I've tried to eat a bit more in the last day or so and that seems to help. It's not like morning sickness though, it's maybe like hypoglycemia where I get all shaky when I need food. I'll talk to my midwife about it when I go this week. At least I have a great excuse to eat a ton of food at Thanksgiving this week!

Changes this week: Movement! And I'm feeling pretty good. Still tired, but not taking a nap doesn't completely wipe me out like it did. I still enjoy naps regularly though. :) I can wear maternity clothes and am in maternity shirts most of the time now. I've still been wearing my regular jeans with a belly band and that's fine too.

Cravings this week: Dark chocolate and olives. Not together of course, that's gross.

Link to Ruby's 16 week post

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