Thursday, November 21, 2013


Ruby has started singing everything. She sings songs that I sing her, she sings songs from Motion Monday, and she makes up her own songs too. It's adorable. She can quote a lot of her books too, and it makes it look like she's reading them.
This nasty cold is still lasting forever for both of us. We're going on 3 weeks now and it doesn't seem to be letting up. We slept a lot better last night than we have been sleeping, which was nice. We're working on night weaning, and most nights I don't nurse her. She had a few nights of not going back to sleep even if I nursed for like an hour or more, which is never fun. Poor girl, I'm sure it has to do with her cold. Hopefully sleeping through the night is in our near future.
Andy and I got to go out on a fun date this week. On Tuesday we went up to have dinner with his parents, then we left Ruby there and went out to dessert and a show. It was lovely.
  She really wanted to water the plants (there was no water in the pitcher).
 Helping Daddy peel potatoes.
 Cooking time.
 She loves when I make triangles out of play dough.
 Helping me unpack from our overnight in Portland. And using my tooth brush.
 What better to vacuum with than a croquet mallet.
 Praying hard.
 Naked baby!
 Daddy reading morning stories in bed.
 Playing at the park with Ruby's friend Penny.
 Ruby's new dolly from Uganda. We named her Pauline.
 Not sure what she's doing here, but it was funny.
She wanted to sit on the potty before it was time for bed, so I put her in her underwear for a few minutes. She loves them.

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  1. I really enjoy your weekly pictures!! Thanks so much for posting them, Ruby is growing up so much. it helps us stay in touch and WE CAN'T WAIT to see all of you!! :)


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