Wednesday, November 27, 2013

22 Months

 Ruby was 22 months old yesterday. Does anyone else think this is the cutest picture ever? It shows her personality well. Such a goof.
I'm posting a day early because tomorrow is Thanksgiving, and then we're going to be gone for the weekend. So enjoy the early post, and there will be lots of pictures coming next week.
The big news this week was that she slept through the night twice in a row! But then she went back to waking up once or twice. It's progress though for sure. Hopefully that will become more of the norm now that she is night weaned.
Ruby's been throwing bigger tantrums lately when we're all done doing something she really wants to do, like coloring or playing at the library. Not quite sure what to do about that... We try to talk to her and give her warnings that we're almost done with an activity, but she gets upset anyway. I've had to put her in her room until she can calm down a few times. :(
 Morning cuddles with Daddy.
 Helping Mommy put things away.
 Horsey rides.
 She loves to help me stir, supervised, of course.
 Morning cuddles with Mommy.
 We helped the youth group with the canned food drive on Saturday. She liked rearranging the cans.
 Building a tunnel with Daddy.
 She loves putting her hands in her pockets. It makes her look so grown up.
 Cutie in a diaper.
 Cutie in a prefold.
 We played at the library on Monday after we went to Motion Monday. She had fun with the cookie jar.
 More from her 22 month photo shoot. She loves to lay down on the blanket and smile.
Play dough with Daddy last night.

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  1. Enjoyed the pictures - they are great!! That Miss Ruby is sure lots of fun. So curious and adventuresome. Miss you so much already. Love, Mom


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