Friday, November 1, 2013

21 Months and Halloween

Ruby turned 21 months on Saturday! Three months until her birthday. Wow. She's so much fun lately. When she gets a bump or an owie, she says, "Kiss it!... All better." And she whispers "Water... so good" when she takes a drink. The way she counts is something like this, "one, two, three, four, six, eight, nine, ten, thirteen, fifteen, seventeen." She loves coloring and playing with her stacking cups. She loves building Lego and block towers, she loves giving her dollys their bottle and rocking them on the stool or rocking chair. She really loves people too. She's such a sweet girl, we can't get enough of her! Tonight when Andy was getting her jammies on, she pulled him close and whispered in his ear "I yuz you." Melts my heart.
 She discovered her pockets in her jeans, but was frustrated when she couldn't get her hand all the way in.
 Pony tail!
 Saturday night we got to go on a date of sorts up to Portland for a GSM auction dinner and left Ruby with a babysitter.
 Looking cute on Sunday.
 FaceTime with Grandma and Grandpa in India.
 Storytime with Daddy.
 Head stand!
 She watches me out the window when I lock the chickens up and let them out.
Looking at the moon! 
"So cool." 
 Splits! She went over to her time out spot on her own (she was not in trouble), and then she did the splits. Ouch!
 Picking flowers.
 Halloween was yesterday, which is probably why I'm late on my blog post. :) We had lots of fun. Ruby was the cutest monkey you'll ever see. We went over to Norpac in the morning, and got tons of candy. She really liked taking it out of the bowls. Then after nap we went downtown with some people from Mops to trick-or-treat at the businesses down there. Then after dinner we went to the fire station where they do a little carnival thing. Ruby loved wearing her costume, and it was great because it was super warm in the cold, wet weather.

 Reading corner.
 She loves putting on lamby pillow.
 Trying to get to her book.
 She loved the dark maze at the fire station and did it twice.
 Trying on Daddy's sombrero.
New underwear! Thanks Grandma Debbie! Shortly after this she had her first accident. :)

We went to youth group, and Ruby had fun with the microphone.

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