Thursday, March 13, 2014

Grandma Joan's funeral trip

These are my two favorite people (plus the one in my belly). They sure love each other.
Ruby's been really fun this week. She likes doing lots of activities all day and helping me do things I need to do. She even wore her undies for about two hours last night with only one little accident! We took her potty about every 10 minutes. It's a start. She gets this cute look on her face and says, "I hasta go potty." She's been getting better at using "me" and "I" instead of "you" and "Ruby" all the time. Except she still says, "Mommy carry you."
 Having a tea party with the dollies.
 Apparently it was Pauline's birthday, so she sang happy birthday to her.
 Cute pigtails. We've had some really nice days this week, so we've been taking walks. It's lovely.
 Riding her bike! She's doing pretty good on it.
 She loves wearing her helmet. She also loves feeding the chickens a snack.
 She can climb into her crib, but not out of it at this point. This is her pretending to take a nap.
 Sitting in the baby chair at Babies R Us. She pointed out a Babies R Us on our trip, too, just by recognizing the logo.
 She was facing the other way, so I said, "Ruby, look at me and smile." So she kept turning like this and posing.
  We headed down to Grandma Joan's funeral early on Sunday morning and came back late Monday night. It was a pretty crazy trip, but nice to spend some time with Andy's family. This is Patty and Ruby on Sunday morning looking at airplanes on our way to the airport. We had to get up at 4:45, and with the time change it was like 3:45 old time! Needless to say, we were pretty tired that day. Ruby did so well on the trip altogether though, even with a weird schedule. Thankfully she got a nap both days, and she didn't get to bed too late on Sunday night. Monday night was a different story though. We didn't get home until 12:30am, and she was kind of a mess at that point. She's fully recovered now though.
The airplane was fascinating.
 Coloring and playing with stickers. After take-off she said, "I yike this." But when we were landing, she said, "I no yike this."
She got to watch a little show on the iPad. 
 Looking out the window with Daddy. It was lots of fun.
 Playing with her cousin baby Coraline.
 We landed in San Francisco, got rental cars, and drove around looking for pork buns in Chinatown for a while. We finally got some, and then drove to Aunt Terri's house. She loved playing in the back yard with the toys! Here's a picture of Ruby in this same swing last April when we were down there visiting Grandma.
11 months makes quite a difference!!
 She had her first nap on a real bed on Sunday afternoon. It took me just about forever to get her to go to sleep though. But we finally had success. So I laid down and napped next to her too.
 Washing Snowy Bear's hands in the play sink.
 Playing with her second cousin Josiah who is almost exactly a year older than her.
 They had lots of fun.
 Ruby said, "Josiah kiss Ruby." And Josiah said, "I don't want to." Then Ruby proceeded to chase after him with this pucker on her lips. It was so funny.
 Riding in the wagon.
 Monday morning we got all dressed and ready for the funeral.
 Playing around with Uncle Tony.
 Andy did an excellent job giving the sermon at the service. I was very proud of him. Afterward there was a reception, then we went back to Aunt Terri's for a nap, then left for the airport.
Our family photo at Aunt Terri's. Silly boys.
 Ruby really liked the big planes.
 This is on the tram thing on the way to our terminal, and it turns out that blue Tinkerbell plane was the one we were on!
 Walking through the airport with Daddy.
Getting a piggy back ride from Grandma.
 It was way past her bedtime but she wasn't sleepy. So we let her watch Toy Story 3 pretty much most of the way home. She kept saying, "Watch a different movie," and then the scene would change and she would be interested in it again.
 Tuesday we had a super slow morning. We all slept in until 8:15 and stayed in our jammies for a long time. It was lovely. Ruby built her stacking cups into a tower all by herself. And when I asked her to go stand next to it so I could get a picture, she just went over to it and stared at it. So funny.
 I finally convinced her to turn around next to it. 
 She put this purse on Lupe, then took her for a walk.
 "I'm just putting my feet up on my coffee table."
 Wearing her underwear last night. She was so excited about it.
 She spilled her milk/yogurt this morning and said, "Yook. A whale!"
We did some adding to our Target baby registry today. Ruby had lots of fun scanning things.

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