Thursday, March 6, 2014

A weekend with Mommy

Andy had Winter Freeze this past weekend, so Ruby and I got some one-on-one time from Friday to Sunday. We missed Daddy a lot, but we had fun. Ruby's really been lots of fun lately. She loves playing and is constantly saying, "We should do play toys," or "We should do play in Ruby's kitchen." There are some times when she tries our patience and pushes boundaries like climbing on the coffee table or throwing her food, but overall she's such a precious toddler. I'm just treasuring these last few months I get with just her before her sibling makes its appearance. I think she's going to be a great big sister.
 Penny came over on Friday, so we tried out our new stroller seat. It worked great and Ruby liked riding in the back.
 Playing in the kitchen.
 Eating a snack at Ruby's little table. They get along great.
 Putting her feet up.
 She said she was making yogurt.
 We went to the church on Friday evening to say goodbye to the camp crew. Ruby really liked getting on the bus and sang, "I'm gonna drive my bus." Then she talked about Daddy leaving on the bus for the rest of the weekend.
 Putting together her caterpillar.
 We did a little shopping on Saturday. She was cute trying on some hats.
 She climbed up and buckled in all by herself!
 We planted some lettuce and onion seeds. It was less messy than I thought it would be.
 Silly girl.
 Putting her triangle crayons in Woody's hat.
 She got everything out of her back pack for me to change her diaper.
 We had a little after dinner treat of mint fudge ice cream.
 And then we made finger paint! She made lots of pictures.
 Guess which one is hers and which is mine?
 It was nice and messy, but tons of fun. She had a bath directly afterward.
 I helped out in the second service nursery on Sunday since we didn't have middle school group. She played dress-up with her friend Hannah.
 And this is her and David. He likes to hug her, and then they were wrestling.
 She likes wearing her bath robe and reading books.
 She has been loving playing "Choo choo train tracks."
 Reading with her foot up. She's so cute.
 Daddy's home! She's helping him with his Greek, or as she says it, "Geek."
 She loves cleaning any time she can get her hands on a paper towel, baby wipe, kleenex, etc.
 Building some Legos.
 She also loves sweeping and dusting. She's a great little helper.
She was trying to get Lupe to put her train tracks away.

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  1. Very cute pictures!!! Can't wait to see all of you. Have a safe trip to California. Bet she will love the plane ride!


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