Friday, March 28, 2014

26 months and our Babymoon!

Ruby turned 26 months this week. She's such a big girl! And she's getting excited to be a big sister soon too, I think. Andy and I went on our baby moon this week too, and just got back this evening. We sure missed our Peach, but we had a lovely time at the coast together. The weather turned from beautiful and sunny early in the week to downright nasty outside today. Rain, rain, rain. I guess that's spring in Oregon for you though.
We went to youth group on Thursday, and Ruby got a little bit of popcorn.
 FaceTime with cousin Carla and Ruby's second cousin David Daniel. He's two months old and adorable. I wish he was more in the picture. :)
 Ruby made a boat. Her first real play dough creation.
 Friday night we went to Salem after dinner to ride the Carousel.
 She liked her horse "Sonshine."
 Her owie looked pretty bad on her cheek, but I put lavender oil on it a few times and it got better really fast!
 Making soup with Mommy. She loves her play kitchen.
 Comparing eyes with Mommy...
 And Daddy... I think the jury's still out on whose eyes she has. Maybe just a nice combination of both of ours.
 Playing in the laundry basket.
 She and Daddy built a blanket tunnel in the living room.
 And then they built a puzzle inside of it. So cute.
 Then she was playing with his hair. <3
 On Monday we went out to enjoy the last sunny day and met some friends at the park. Ruby liked to ride on the swing.
 And she had fun on the play atv.
 This was a little piece of chicken food she wanted to show me.
 Andy was in Portland on Monday afternoon/evening, so Ruby and I played rice in her pool.
 Well, she played rice while I cut out a new bib for her.
 Watching a little bit of Toy Story. Her favorite.
 Cutie pie with my umbrella and shoes.
 She's been wanting to do finger paint with Daddy for a long time, so we made some. They had fun! Andy made Darth Vader.
 Cooking breakfast with Mommy.
 On Wednesday morning we headed to Portland to start our Babymoon. Our first stop was the Albina Press for some coffee. Ruby downed her plain steamer.
 She went over there and climbed on the other couch, then asked Andy to bring her "coffee" to her. Hah.
 Then we picked up Grandma and Grandpa at the airport and went out for lunch.
 Saying goodbye to our girl! We were sad.
 But at the same time it was fun to get away! We went for a walk around a really pretty lake about half way to Astoria. It was cold and rainy, but lovely.
 Ruby played trains with Grandpa at home.
And she went swimming!
 Lovely ocean in Long Beach, WA.
But then our car got stuck in the sand. :) It took about 20 minutes, and we almost lost it in the ocean, but we got it out. Yikes! We also took some maternity photos, which I'll post next week.
 On Thursday we toured the Flavel House in Astoria.
 It was pretty cool. I like old houses.
 There were really pretty fire places.
 I beat Andy at checkers in the play room. 
 A lovely, relaxing afternoon.
 FaceTime with our girl!
 Andy kicked my booty at Carcassonne on Thursday night. It was fun though.
We stopped at Ikea today, it's always a little stressful. :) But still fun. I liked this kitchen.

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  1. Glad you had such a good time!! We did too! Lots of fun memories and lots of rain. Ruby told us how she did finger painting with daddy.
    Love you all,


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