Sunday, March 9, 2014

31 weeks

This week's post comes to you from the Bay Area. We're down here for Andy's Grandma's funeral tomorrow. Baby Heartbeat is doing great. I went to the midwife on Wednesday, and the heartbeat was 145 and I was measuring 33cm. That's a little ahead, but nothing to worry about. I'm supposed to be doing kick counts every night, and this baby has been really active. I get to ten in like 5 or 6 minutes. It's usually a tiny bit faster than Ruby was. 

The baby was posterior but head down at the appointment. Not engaged at all yet. I feel like it flipped over to breach the next day, but might be back to head down now. It's hard to tell, but I think I feel the hiccups down low again. I'd like it to get head down and stay that way, and then we can work on getting it to the anterior position. I don't want to go through a posterior labor for sure. I'm working on sitting better (no lounging) and doing yoga positions and inversions. Hopefully that will work. 

I've been pretty uncomfortable lately. I got a maternity belt for some support for my back and to get my stomach in the right position for the baby. So we'll see if that helps. My hips have been hurting at night, but that's probably because I've been forgetting to take my manganese. I'll have to get better at that. 

Changes this week: I'm getting really big. My maternity shirts are really too small now. I bought a few more though. I think I'll be able to make it two more months fine. When the baby pushes really hard it hurts. :) It's a strong one. 

Cravings this week: Mexican food!

Link to Ruby's 31 week post

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  1. You are such a cute mama!! You named the blog appropriately! So fun to watch your progress. We are praying for you! Love!


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