Thursday, December 15, 2016

21 weeks

These weeks in the early 20's always seem so uneventful. We made it to 20 weeks, which was a big milestone, and then the next big milestone is 26 weeks when we hit the third trimester. Otherwise, it seems like not much happens around this time!

We did go to the midwife on Friday. We met Marilyn, who is one of our midwives. She is super nice, I've liked them all a lot so far. We also found out that our other midwife, Oni, is taking a sabbatical from attending births, so we got assigned Patricia instead. We'll be meeting her next month down at the other birth center in Tualatin. Both of them are about the same distance from our house. 

Little Baby has been moving around a ton still, the midwives both thought it was very wiggly! All of our kids have been very active inside, which I love. 

I got my iron tested at our WIC appointment on Friday, and it was still low. So Marilyn suggested an iron supplement. Hopefully that will help and my levels will be normal at my 28 week appointment. Otherwise, everything is going great! I think I've gained about 12 pounds, which is about where I was with both of our other kids. I gained 36 pounds total with each of them, and they were both 8 pounds 11 oz. I'm hoping this one isn't any bigger than they were! Haha

Changes this week: I started sleeping with a pillow between my knees, which helps a little bit with hip pain at night. I've also noticed that if I don't have protein right before bed, I get insomnia. Apparently a blood sugar crash can cause that. So it's protein instead of carbs for an evening snack!

Cravings this week: Carbs. Haha! But really, I'm not having too many cravings at this stage.

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  1. You are looking great - glad you feel pretty good too!! Does it seem like your pregnancy is going faster this time?


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