Thursday, December 22, 2016

22 weeks

Little Baby is almost a pound already! I started feeling it kick way up higher a day or two, so I wonder if it flipped around and is head down now. I still feel it down low too. It sure moves around a lot, which I love. It's really active in the evenings and during the night, which I'm afraid will me that it's awake at those times when it's born...

The kids have been trying to feel it kick, but they're not really patient and don't know what they're feeling for. I'm sure they'll be feeling it soon though.

Today marks the day where if I did go into labor, the baby has a slight chance of survival, and they would try to save it. That's pretty crazy. In about 4 weeks, babies born at that gestational age have a 90% or more chance of survival. That's exciting!

My insomnia has been back BIG TIME. Two nights in a row this week I just laid there awake for about 2 hours. It makes days rough, and I am sooooo tired. I slept better last night though, so let's hope that continues. I've been trying to do high protein snacks at bed time to keep my blood sugar more regulated in the night, since I know that can contribute.

Changes this week: No sleep, exhaustion, more kicks!

Cravings this week: Carbs still... all of the carbs. Sourdough toast, bagels, treats, etc. It's rough.

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