Thursday, December 8, 2016

20 weeks

We're half way to baby!! Man, this pregnancy is going by fast. The baby is 10 inches long or so, from now on they start measuring from head to foot instead of head to rump. Little Baby has been moving around a lot. Andy got to feel his first kick from the outside the other night while we were on our anniversary trip! The kids are excited to feel it move soon too.

We were supposed to go to the birth center for an appointment today, but the weather is pretty iffy outside. It snowed a lot this morning, and it's supposed to start with freezing rain soon too. So they called and moved my appointment to tomorrow. It's supposed to warm up and just rain tomorrow, so we'll see if we get to keep it. We also have an appointment to get started with WIC tomorrow too, which will be really helpful.

Changes this week: My hips have been hurting while I sleep. :/ It started on the harder mattress we slept on for our trip, but it's still happening on our comfy mattress at home. I think I'll have to start sleeping with a pillow between my knees.

Cravings this week: Carbs... I got some more sourdough bread and it's yummy.

And just for fun, here's a side-by-side of me at 20 weeks with each of our babies. :)

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