Thursday, December 15, 2016

Anniversary vacation, sick, snow, and Reid turns 31 months

Andy and I celebrated 10 years of marriage! We took a trip to the coast for five days and had a lovely time. Andy said a few times that it was the best vacation we've ever had. We did a puzzle, watched movies, read a lot, ate yummy food (mostly made by ourselves), and just relaxed. The weather was horrible, but we enjoyed it anyway! Our little beach house was really cute, just right for the two of us. What a fun getaway. We're so grateful to my parents who spent the weekend with our kids!

We also all got sick with a nasty cold. I was feeling better by our trip, but still coughing and stuffy. Reid is the one who got it the worst, after two weeks of having it he got a fever on and off for four days, and his congestion all came back. I'm not sure if he got something new, or if his cold just got worse. :( Poor guy.
 We started our new 1000 piece puzzle pretty much right when we got there and got unloaded. The kids kept praying for a few days ahead of our trip, "Help Mommy and Daddy finish their piece puzzle."
 And we couldn't stop doing the puzzle (only a short break for dinner), and got it totally done in a few hours! It was a really fun one.
 Meanwhile, the kids and Grandma Debbie baked these cute cookies.
 The beach was pretty cold!
 But we walked on it a few times anyway.
 All dressed up for our anniversary dinner date!
 We went down to Newport to a place called Sorella. The weather was so bad, the drive was kind of scary! But our pasta and this amazing pancetta pizza were worth it.
 Saturday morning workout time!
 Steak dinner on Saturday night made the house a little smoky, and they had very sensitive smoke detectors. Haha
 But I got to have fun cooking in an All-Clad pan (my dream cookware), and our steaks were amazing. We ate one, and saved the other for breakfast hash, which was equally delicious with potatoes, onions, bell peppers, and an egg!
We took some chairs down to the beach to sit and watch the sunset.
 It was amazing! And freezing cold.
 Baby belly! My belly button is really sticking out. :)
Here's Ruby all ready for school on Monday. She loves wearing her pretty dress.
We got a surprise snow fall on our drive home. It was pretty, but made for slow goings over the pass. Thankfully we made it through without a problem. 
 Grandma and Grandpa tired our kids out! Hahaha! Tired kids are happy kids.
We were so glad to be home with our babies.
 Ruby likes to make these little houses for her and Reid. Reid is in the "bed" inside there.
 And they ate their oranges and water sitting on Reid's mattress at his bed.
 We ran errands, getting oil changed and going through the car wash. So then we made our own car wash when we got home! The kids loved it.
And so did I. I love making things like this for them! 
Ruby was shaking it to get the car clean with the blue things. 
 Concentrating at coloring time.
 She wanted to read to him at nap time.
 Who needs to buy a gingerbread house kit when you can make one out of a cardboard box??!!
She likes floating in the tub lately. 
 We've had several boxes come in the mail, the kids love playing in them! They usually make a car out of it.
 She has been soooo helpful lately. Trying to help Reid with his socks.
We decided to brave the Zoo Lights on a freezing cold night before the forecasted snow! 
We bundled everyone up really good, and brought hand warmers, which were much needed. 
It was nice to have both kids in the stroller so we could walk fast. They really loved the lights though! And we got to see the new little polar bear named Nora! She is really cute and was playing with a barrel.
 Andy's favorite thing was being right next to the train engine while it took off! It was really loud and surprised Reid, so I covered his ears. Then he was talking about it later. :)
We had made a Thanksgiving tree, and this was my favorite leaf that Ruby wrote. 
She also made this turkey at school. Notice the smiling face! 
Our big boy Reid is 31 months already! He is so fun to talk to. I love how he says his "L's" with lots of emphasis.
 More coloring time!
 We got snow on Thursday! We had our appointments for the day cancelled, so we had a picnic lunch on the living room floor (we had packed a lunch for the midwife appointment).
 So pretty!
 Except it was so windy that our back yard light strings fell down and some of the light bulbs broke. So Andy went out and used the shop vac on them. And then vacuumed our names in the snow too. :)
 We got the snow clothes out and went sledding down our front hill!
 It was really cold, so we didn't stay out long. The kids really love doing snow angels though.
Trying to warm up! He's so cute in his snow clothes. 
 Ruby tried to write names of some of the kids in her class. She tried writing Oliver, Braxxtin, and Christian. Haha! She also found out that our pencil sharpener sharpens crayons, so now we have crayon shavings everywhere. 
 We bought some cream and made our own butter! Apparently the mixer is loud.
 It turned out really good. Delicious, actually. :)

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