Friday, December 30, 2016

23 weeks

So... I've definitely worn this shirt for three Thursdays in a row now... Hahaha

This post is a day late because we were all puking yesterday! Ruby started on Tuesday night at dinner at my parents' house, and then the rest of us all started on Thursday. But thankfully today we're all on the mend, thanks to our parents helping out a ton. I only threw up once, which I'm very thankful for. It wouldn't have been good for the baby or my stomach if I had gotten it worse.

Little Baby is 11 inches long now, or something. The only good thing about my diastasis recti (separated ab muscles) is that I can feel the baby's little feet and body parts in crazy detail. It's really fun to feel it kicking around in there all the time.

Speaking of DR, I ordered a new splint and a prenatal core training program. It's 6 weeks long, and it will help me not make my diastasis work, and maybe even start to heal it. I'll probably start it next week when the splint comes. It will feel nice to have some belly support and to feel like the baby isn't just going to fall out of my stomach for the next 17 weeks.

Changes this week: Movement galore. This little one is active, like my other two. My only concern is that it seems to like being up late at night (and all through the night) and sleep during the day. 

Cravings this week: Nothing, with being sick... maybe chicken noodle soup.

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  1. I'm so glad you got that splint!! Let me know how it works for you!! Can't believe you are already 23 weeks!! Love you!


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