Thursday, December 15, 2016

More snow and still sick!

Our poor kids are still sick. They both have a cough, and Reid has been throwing giant tantrums because he's so tired. :( His fever is gone, which is good. He was really tired and cranky on Monday, and didn't want to eat much, so I took him to the doctor on Tuesday. He was fine when we were at the doctor's office, one of his ears was a little red, but not infected. But then on Wednesday he didn't feel good again. Poor guy! I think he's finally recovering though, and ate more and had more energy today.

Ruby was so incredibly sweet this week. One day I got Reid down for his nap, and then I was super tired. So I laid down on the couch, and she played quietly in my room for a long time (came out to look at me a few times, and to get art supplies) so I could rest. Then when Reid woke up, she said, "Are you grumpy, buddy? Do you want to snuggle on the couch and watch the Wiggles?" She also has been a big helper with setting the table, cleaning up toys, washing the window, etc. What a special kid!

Reid has been going potty a lot more on the toilet. He even told me he had to go a few times today! It's been nice to use less diapers, we may switch to pull-ups so he can go easier. Or just go for undies and deal with accidents for a while. He'll get it soon though, I'm sure.
 Tired, sick family. :(
He has been just wanting to lay down.
 Ruby pretended to be pregnant and gave birth to Baby Bob. It was so cute.
She prays so sincerely, I love it. 
He was doing this a lot this week. 
 We went down to the Pullen's for dinner on Sunday. There were lots of pretty Christmas lights out, and this fun snow man at their clubhouse down the street.
 We had fun playing the baby grand piano.
 Monday... it was not a good day. He woke up screaming and I couldn't get him to calm down. Then it didn't get any better the whole day. He took a nap at 11:30 while Ruby was at school, after we got home from grocery shopping.
 We got Ruby's school pictures back, it turned out so, so cute.
 They were doing a balance beam for their workout.
 So cute.
 Giving some money at Fred Meyer. Every time I go there to get something specific, they don't have it. :/
 We're doing a Clean Baking group this week, which has been really fun. Both of the kids like helping me cook, but they don't really love doing it together. So Ruby made Reid this "stove" out of paper and taped it to the floor so he could pretend to cook soup while she helped me. What ended up happening is that she took the whole time making the stove, and Reid got to help me make the pumpkin cookies. Haha!
 They sure were yummy!
Starting to feel better! 
 This is the picture that Ruby drew while I was napping. It's our family on a hike, and it's adorable!
 Baby bump! Getting big and feeling great.
 And sick again on Wednesday.
 He wouldn't let me do anything. I couldn't rock him, feed him, read to him... anything. So I put him to bed and that helped.
 It snowed on Wednesday afternoon, so we made healthy hot chocolate and popcorn, and watched Mickey Mouse Christmas.
 Snowy walk! It was really cold.
 Breakfast this morning. We love our morning time of connection.
I grabbed these photos from the Village Baptist Facebook page. This is Ruby's Thanksgiving feast we missed. She had fun with Grandma though. 
 And her class enjoying the Teepee.
 Today they snuggled on the couch together...
 ...a few times. They really love each other.
 It didn't do freezing rain after the snow (a real treat around here!), so we got to play in it today!
 We built this adorable snowman. The tuna can hat, carrot, and raisins were her ideas.
After we played for a while, Reid dropped his raisins, and then freaked out for about 45 minutes. :( He's inconsolable when he gets like that. The only way I finally got him to calm down was getting him to sleep. I hope he starts feeling all better soon.
 Ruby's first school Christmas program was supposed to be tonight, but it was cancelled because of the snow and ice. I think I was more disappointed than Ruby was. But we had her do her songs for us on our stage and she loved it. School is also cancelled for tomorrow, so we're officially on Christmas break!
 Then we did family games, we started with blind man's bluff...
...and then played Simon says, and mother may I. :)

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  1. I had to laugh at the story about Ruby making a stove on the floor!! She is a clever one. Such cute pictures because they are cute kids!! Sorry Reid was so sick, hope better days are ahead. Loved Ruby singing her songs (on FB). See you soon!!!


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