Monday, December 5, 2016


We had a lovely Thanksgiving at my family's house! It was so nice to be with family and to be thankful for so much that God has provided for us and blessed us with.

Here are our pictures from the week.

 The kids woke up in the morning and went straight to the toy box.
 Playing the Bible game on Grandpa's iPad.
 She's such a cutie in this hat and dress. 
 She washed all of these apples for the place cards at dinner! She's such a good helper.
 We brought Out Foxed from the library to play with Quin and Lia. Ruby LOVES sharing games.
 Reid and Cindy's little foster baby. :) She's such a sweet heart! Both kids loved her.
 He found his pockets! I can't believe how big he's getting.
 Silly girls! These are the couch arm covers.
Yum!!! Delicious dinner. I think we had 21 people there.
The kids love jumping!!
And Reid got tired. Sweet boy.
 Working on Christmas stockings together. We must be sisters.
 Andy and the rest of the boys played with Lego's for a few hours on Thanksgiving.
 The kids! I had to take out the baby's face. She doesn't really look like that. Hahahahahahaha
 Sweet Lia read Ruby to sleep every night. They love being cousins!
 Reid loved my old bouncy horse. He likes to sit crazy like I did too!
 He's actually pretty good at playing the bugle!
 Good morning!
And we're off to the snow for an adventure. Reid was so cute in his snow clothes.
Family photo!
 The snow was pretty deep and he really didn't like walking in it. So he'd stand there and yell "Help me Mommy!"
 Ruby loved it and had a blast.
 Snow angel!
 Handsome man.
 She loved eating the snow.
 He started getting cold and was pretty fussy by the time we got into the car.
 Aaaaannnndddd.... then it was a pure sheet of ice on our drive down and our Pilot slid off into the snow bank. We have all wheel drive, but the other three tires were all spinning on the ice. It was a little crazy.
 Thankfully we had Dad's truck, and Uncle Dan drove up just then too. We chained both trucks to our car and then we were all spinning on the ice.
 We finally put chains on Dad's back tires, then we all got out of the Pilot and me, Quin and JB sat in the back of the truck to add weight. Andy drove our car and we finally were able to pull it out. I think it took about 45 minutes total.
 Needless to say, we were all cold and ready to get by the fire! The Clarks were there with a lovely, warm fire going when we arrived.
 His little toes were so cold. I put two pairs of socks on him, but all we had were Ruby's rain boots, which don't keep in much warmth. And he got snow in them too. So I put my socks on him and that helped, and we also had hand warmers.
 Ruby and Lia built this cute little snow man.
 And Quin and JB built this other big one. Ruby loved hanging out with the big boys.
It was so fun to see Greg and Lauren, who were about to have their baby (unknown at the time).
So sleepy on the way home. 
 Doing a workout! I love these girls.
 More trampoline time.
 And we finally headed home on Saturday. We love packing a lunch and getting out to run around at a rest area.
They are so cute. 
 I love how much they both love books. No car DVD's for us! We played lots of games, told stories, read books, and they had a few toys. They do so great in the car.
 We stopped somewhere to use the bathroom, and the kids ran around for a little bit.
 On Sunday Reid woke up pretty snotty so we couldn't go to church. So we went to get a Christmas tree instead.
 Ruby was excited that this one was her height.
 We walked all the way through the whole tree stand to the end, and settled on the very last tree in the lot. Hahaha It's perfect though!!
 We attempted to get a picture of the kids in front of the tree, but Reid wouldn't cooperate. Haha
This is the best I got. :)
 Helping Daddy cut it down!
 And carry it out.
 After dinner we set it up and decorated! Ruby put most of the ornaments on. She got out her stool so she could reach higher...
 ... and we ended up with a clump of ornaments in one spot. Haha
 We rearranged and have a lovely tree now. It's seriously my most favorite tree we've ever had.
 Andy put up lights in the kids' room with Darth Vader up on their book shelf. Reid loves to turn them on and off with the switch. Darth Vader says, "Luke, your are not a Jedi yet." And Reid thinks he says, "Luke, what should I get."
 And then we did Christmas Book Day a few days early (usually December 1st).
 They got the Little Blue Truck Christmas book and love it!
 It has surprise lights on the tree at the end.
 I finally got everyone's stockings done! Well, sort of. Mine and Ruby's are huge and I'm going to re-do them for next year. I'm working on the baby's stocking now.
On Monday, Reid and I made dark chocolate almond bark. He loves to help me! 
 Reid made this cute Lego car, and Ruby ran and made him a road out of paper (she cut a hole in the middle and colored it gray). She is so thoughtful and sweet!
I also burned my finger and she ran and got me a bandaid. <3
 Morning snuggles! I woke up sick on Tuesday, so we had a pajama day and didn't go anywhere.
 And feet fight!
 We also watched part of The Empire Strikes Back after dinner. This is Ruby's face when she found out that Darth Vader is Luke's father... priceless!
 On Wednesday, Ruby was about to head to school when she ran and got her Bible. She told me that she wants to read Psalm 23 every morning. :)
 Reid and I had fun playing on Wednesday!
 The weather was decent, so we cleaned up the back yard.
 He loves the Christmas lights that the neighbors put on our outside tree and bush.
 Reid woke up super early on Thursday. Andy and I were leaving on our anniversary vacation that morning though, so I really enjoyed the snuggles.
And then he brought me these and said, "Mommy, can I have some milk?" I'm just glad he didn't try to pour it himself!

And here are a few funny quotes from the kids this week:

Ru: We should name our baby Fod.
Me: How do you spell that?
Ru: F-o... wait, what does two o's together make?
Me: That's Food.

Ruby sings "God tell it on the mountain."

Reid said, "I hear the baby's heartbeep! I hear Reidsy's sister!" (He thinks it's a girl)


  1. Fun time, fun pictures!! We love it when you come to visit!! So glad the snow day was perfect weather and that there was snow!! Glad you car did not get "injured." God was with us! Love you!

  2. Perfect eyebrows on Ruby and Lia's snowman. Loved "Luke, what should I get."


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