Saturday, April 15, 2017

My birthday!

We had a busy week! First off, we had a huge wind storm on Friday, probably the strongest wind we've had since living here. There were tons of trees down, and Ruby's school was cancelled due to a black out. Then we lost power for about 2 1/2 hours too. We actually had a really fun morning though and played a lot.

Then my parents came on Saturday and stayed until Wednesday. We got all of the baby stuff ready, and we celebrated my birthday.
 During our power outage, we did Milk Science (with dish soap? Ruby did it at preschool apparently).
 And then I made Gluey Kabluey for the kids, that kept them occupied for hours! It makes a huge mess, but thankfully quick/easy clean-up.
 We had a picnic lunch in the living room. And then the power came back on about half way through lunch.
 After nap we played a little more, and then the kids helped clean up their mess!
 First thing in the morning they always want a banana. And they played dry erase together.
 On Saturday, we went to play at the Children's Museum for a while.
 Always a big hit!
 The water room was fun.
 And Ruby did Andy's face paint.
 Saturday afternoon mowing.
 Mom and dad got here!
 The kids love going up and down on the air mattress.
 Heading to church on the shuttle bus.
We stopped at Pip's to get my birthday donuts after church. Reid liked watching them make the donuts.
Fort time! On Sunday night, Andy and I went to Radiohead at Moda Center. My parents put the kids to bed and built a fort. 
 We had a blast!
 It was a great show.
Dad brought his rubix cube and the kids loved it.
Monday was my birthday, but also a super busy day. We made some delicious birthday dessert though!
 Our little family, about to be 5. Reid cracks us all up.
 Story time!
 Practicing our newborn cloth diapers on our dollies. Lupe, Josefina, Bob, and Alisha.
 On Tuesday we went out to breakfast.
 Reid had to bring Alisha. (He calls her "Mylisha).
 Mom and Dad took the kids to the Children's Museum to play while we finished getting the baby stuff ready.
 On Thursday we ran some errands, and the kids loved these little pin things at Target!
They put on Sunday School for Mommy. ❤️

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  1. Always a fun time at the Pullen home!! We enjoyed our time with you and will be back soon!! Love you all!


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