Friday, April 7, 2017

Cleaning (nesting) and the zoo

Our kids have been growing like crazy! I decided to weigh and measure them this week, and they've both grown about an inch in the last two months (Ruby is 44.5" and Reid is 38"now)! Also Reid has gained 2 pounds and is up to 35 now, and Ruby gained 3 and is up to 47! Wow. No wonder they've been constantly hungry. They both ask for more food and snacks all day long. Haha
 We had a nice day weather wise on Friday, so we headed to the park for the last day of Spring Break. Reid went down this really big slide over and over and said, "It's gonna be whee!!!"
 Monkey bars!
 We got these new Norwex cleaning cloths, and the kids have been loving to help clean the windows! I love it. And they do a great job at it.
 And this Norwex hand dryer tiger. Reid loves him and says he's covered with worms. Hahaha!
 Fixing his tractor.
 Visiting Bomber's grave. :(
 Play time outside! We borrowed this game from the library, it's super fun.
 On Saturday we went to Home Depot for the kids to make bunny boxes. It was way fun.
 They did great! Reid especially liked painting.
 Such cuties.
 Ruby has been making these paper bags with faces. The little tongue cracks me up! I have no idea where she came up with that. Then the kids put them on their heads and pretend to be ghosts and chase each other.
 More cleaning! This is the window cloth that shines, no cleaner needed.
 I took Ruby to her friend Kaylee's birthday party on Sunday afternoon. It was a fairy/princess theme, so we got her a pretty new dress and she wore her fairy wings.
 She was sitting so proper. :)
 There were a lot of little girls from preschool there, which was fun! This is Dorothy.
 Giving her gifts to Kaylee. Andy took Ruby to the toy store to pick out a gift, and she wanted to get her a hula hoop. Apparently Mrs. Nolan told me that is Kaylee's favorite activity at gym time! How cute.
 All of the little girls. Most of them were from school.
 What a pretty girl!
 Reading Reid one of his favorite tractor books.
I was in the other room and said, "Reid, what are you doing?" And he said, "Oh, just sitting in a box."
 He has been making fork lifts and cranes out of his Lego's.
 Daddy took the kids on a walk! Ruby insisted on wearing shorts even though it was chilly. We're soooo ready for summer.
 The kids and I headed to the zoo on Tuesday. The sea otter was blowing bubbles at Ruby.
 Watching the seals swim by.
 Riding the lions!
And then they switched.
 We have a purple zoo key with Packy (the old elephant who just died) on it. They don't sell that one anymore. We lost it once and they gave us a new one at the front from the lost and found which was so nice. We thought we lost it again, and we were really sad! So I showed Ruby how to make the zoo key thing work like Andy used to do in high school with your zoo ticket. She thought that was so funny. Thankfully we found our Packy zoo key in my bag after that.
 Silly Reid all slouched in the stroller.
 The crocodiles are my favorite. It's always a little scary though! It was definitely trying to snap at the kids.

Both kids were so tired of walking at the end that I pushed Reid in the stroller and put Ruby on my back. All at almost 37 weeks pregnant. And the zoo is built on a huge hill, so it was all the way up the hill! I made it though. Thank goodness for staying fit this pregnancy.
Pretending to sleep. 
We sang songs and played "First person to see" on the way home to keep them awake. 
 I took a repeat photo... On the left is me at 35 weeks with Reid, and the right is almost 37 weeks with this baby! Ruby took the one on the right. Also, I'm wearing my splint in the photo, I needed extra support to walk around the zoo all day. I was definitely tired that night!
We made a bazillion enchiladas for our freezer. It's nice to have frozen stuff for after the baby! 
My little helpers. They definitely stole a lot of cheese though. 
 Ben & Jerry's had free ice cream cones, so we headed down to 23rd after dinner.
 They loved their ice cream!
 He loves his tractors! He hooked them all up like this, which was funny.
Dancing time! They love to put on their tutus and dance all around the living room. This time it was listening to the Mary Poppins soundtrack. 
 Post-bath, mid-yawn story time.
 Ruby wrote this yesterday during her rest time. It says, "To Jonah Love Ruby. Jonah I love you so moth (much). I bet you well be bac at school." She's a pretty good speller! But also definitely loves the boys. Jonah and Oliver are her favorites.
 Alisha was sick and apparently had to throw up, so Ruby held a bowl for her. Haha! Then Ruby said, "Reid, remember when we had the pukies?"
 Cleaning up the table with our Kitchen Cloth!
 Post-nap snuggles. She doesn't like to snuggle a lot, so I take advantage when she does.
And more story times. :)

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  1. So fun to be here this week and see things in real life!! We love you and your kids. Can't wait for one more!!


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