Saturday, April 29, 2017

Waiting for baby

My parents got here on Tuesday and we're all just sitting around waiting for the baby! We all thought it would be born by now, but it's just not ready. 

The kids, honestly, have been a handful this week. We don't know why, but they've really been acting up a lot, which is hard! Hopefully it will let up soon.

I don't know if I've said this, but Reid is totally day time potty trained, even at nap. And he has been for a while. And Ruby got her first back molar coming in about two weeks ago. I had no idea it was even on its way! She was feeling way back there with her finger one day and said she has a new tooth! No other loose ones at this point yet though.

Ruby is getting soooo good at reading! It's been about a month since she's really started going, but she reads everything now. At school, they send books home with her regularly to read to us. She's on the level 2 books now, because the lower ones were too easy. :) We're so proud of her! She rarely gets frustrated, and we help her sound out the words she can't figure out.
 Enjoying some last time with just my boy while Ruby's at school.
He likes taking selfies lately. 
 And he took a baby belly photo. Haha!!
 We've been doing a lot of walks since the weather has been better!
 Morning train time. We made a track, and Reid didn't want it changed for a long time.
 We went to Babies R Us to get a new car seat for Ruby, and the kids had fun riding this Snoopy car.
 Helping do some chores.
 Tomato soup and grilled cheese...
...their favorite! 
 Reading to me at nap time.
 New car seat! We've got the big kids on the middle and side, and the baby will fit on the passenger's side nicely. We have the infant car seat hooked up in the Accord for now though, since Andy and I are planning on driving that to and from the birth center.
 Boxes are the best.
 He lined up all of his tractor books.
 He's been playing "baby doggy" or kitty or squirrel a lot lately and has a cute tail.
 We went to Chick-fil-A on a lunch date, just Reid and I.
 Ruby came home from school on Monday not feeling well. A bunch of kids at her school have a cough and they shared it.
 We went on a family walk, but Ruby rode in the stroller. And then she started feeling better.
 Double sweeping action!
 We've had a few pajama days just waiting for the baby to come.
 Feeding her baby a bottle. She's so excited to be a big sister all over again!
Grandma snuggles! He has skipped his nap a few days this week, so he's been extra tired at bed time. 
 Samantha came around.
 Lounging with Grandpa.
 Craft time! Reid painted with lots of concentration.
 She's so precious.
 Grandma and Grandpa took the kids to Imago for play time on Thursday.
Silly cuties. 
Bed time stories.

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