Saturday, April 1, 2017

Poor Bomber

Our poor fishy died this week. :( Ruby especially is sad, since he was her fish.

In other news though, Reid caught another cold from Sunday School. This one is mild-ish, thankfully no fever and all of that. Ruby got a little snotty today, so we'll see.

We've had a bit of warmer weather scattered in amongst the rainy days. That has been most welcome! We love being outside.

We also finished our reintroductions for the Whole30! Reid had a little mushy poop today after introducing gluten yesterday. :/ So he may just have a sensitivity. We'll keep an eye on it. It would be rough to have to cut out all gluten for good, but doable. It's at least something to be aware of.
 I found this front loader shirt for Reid on sale, and he LOVES it.
Friday was crazy hair day at school! 
 Ruby loved it. 
 Reid and I went to play at William's house while Ruby was in school. It's so cute when they play with their little friends.
Saturday morning snuggles. Reid is such an early riser. Both kids have actually been getting up early lately.
 Trying out popcorn! I made it in my Whirlypop with clarified butter, and it was amazingly delicious! The butter gives it nice favor, and doesn't burn because of no milk solids. Way better than oil.
 Learning about uvula's. Later this week when he coughed once, he said, "Mom, I just coughed and my throat didn't hurt and my uvula didn't hurt!"
 She's getting so grown up.
 Andy let them have a sip of his coffee.
 Ruby pulled out her second tooth while we were doing Face Time with Grandma Debbie!
And then we had a major parent fail and forgot to be the Tooth Fairy. Already! Hahaha
 We got these new Norwex cleaning cloths that clean amazingly only using water. We've been going crazy getting the house all spic and span. Perfect timing for nesting.
 She's been making the cutest things.
 We went over to the Elementary school to ride bikes to celebrate the start of Spring Break. There's a nice covered area in case it rains.
 It was fun!
 Bed time stories! She was eating walnuts for a bed time snack.
 He made a little bed for himself.
 We had some nice, slow mornings this week since there was no school. Ruby made a play dough waffle for her and me, it was so cute!
 Me and my precious little ones.
 Poor little Bomber, this is the morning when he died. He has been getting sicker and sicker the last month or so. 
 We went to get something at the store to humanely euthanize him, but he was dead by the time we got home. :(
 Post nap snuggles on the couch. They like to sit right on or beside me. No need to spread out.
 We dug a grave for Bomber right outside the fence.
 We had a nice burial and said some nice words.
 We put some of the red rocks from his tank in his grave.
 Filling up the grave.
She put some rocks on top too with a little cross. She has been going out to visit his grave every day. 
:( So sad, but a necessary lesson in life.

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