Thursday, April 20, 2017

39 weeks!!

We are officially full term! And we're so ready to meet this baby. I lost a big chunk of mucus plug this morning (sorry if that's TMI!), and I've been having sporadic contractions. Not painful though.

We saw Patricia, our second midwife, on Tuesday. The baby was posterior at the appointment, so I've been doing lots of forward tilts and sitting on my ball to try to get it to turn. There's so much room in there, that we can probably get it to turn in labor too. So hopefully it won't be a problem. At least it's head down! I am also wearing my splint a lot so the baby's head will be pushed down against the cervix more. With diastasis, it's easier for baby to be posterior and just hanging out and not engaged.

We decided that we needed a changing table for the baby, because otherwise we would have had to change it on the bed. So the Pullens got it for us, and it came in the mail yesterday. Andy got it all put together last night. It will be so nice to have!

I keep waiting for contractions to pick up. We still have a week until our due date, but it really could come any day. Reid was 3 days early, so I'm hoping this one is a week early. Haha Although both of our other ones were born on a Thursday, and this week Thursday is almost over. I hope it doesn't wait to come until next Thursday!

Changes this week: Not too much. It's getting harder and harder to tie my shoes. Also I'm obviously dilated. They don't check routinely at our birth center, so I don't know for sure. I'm guessing I'm 3-4cm at this point though. I was at 4 with Reid for a few days before labor started.

Cravings this week: All of the Easter candy we got. :/ I didn't do any for the kids, but they got it from other sources.

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