Sunday, January 26, 2014

25 weeks

25 weeks already! Only 15 weeks to go. Baby Heartbeat is about a pound and a half and over a foot long at this point. I'm starting to get pretty uncomfortable now. My hips hurt when I sleep and I'm getting lower back pain pretty bad when I bend over for longer periods of time. That part is no fun. But I love feeling the little guy/girl move around. The other night in the middle of the night it was just squirming away. And it was kicking a lot one evening and Andy was feeling it, then Ruby put her hand on and said she felt it too! I'm just waiting for it to kick her when I'm rocking her or something. :)

Changes this week: A lot of people are starting to comment on my belly. I'm feeling pretty big now. I'm feeling pretty good though, except for being uncomfortable.

Cravings this week: I really just want a yummy donut, but that's not in our eating plan for this week (We're doing a 14 week real food challenge). Maybe next week I'll get one. :)

Link to Ruby's 25 week post

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  1. It was really special to feel my grand baby moving!!! Love it!


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